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The HI VAC MX II sterilizer performs the sterilization process either by high pulsating vacuum air removal, using pressurized saturated steam or by low temperature steam sterilization plus formaldehyde as a sterilizer agent. It features a touch screen display, accuracy in process control and flexible settings for all variables, and can process a wide and assorted range of materials in high and low temperatures.
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Plasma Sterilizer

The RENO-S20 is designed to offer users fast, reliable sterilization. Key features include a color-coded touch screen, sterilant residual-free system, single-use cassette-type sterilant, universal data acquisition system, and thermal printer.
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Plasma Sterilizer

The RENO-S130D allows users to quickly process high volumes of heat-sensitive surgical instruments within the OR and CSSD. Key features include a large-capacity chamber, and cycle times ranging from 28 to 62 minutes.
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Steam Autoclaves
Horizontal Autoclave

The horizontal steam autoclaves provide sterilization cycles for surgical instruments, utensils, gowns, wrapped/unwrapped goods and other healthcare instruments and supplies. Features include real-time remote monitoring, and built-in memory storage of the last 200 cycles.
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Benchtop Autoclaves

The EL models feature an advanced microprocessor control panel, and a chamber made of 316L or 316Ti stainless steel. The user-friendly autoclaves are front-loading systems, are available in chamber sizes from 28 to 160 liters, with an optional built-in printer.
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