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Surgical Instruments
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Aspiration Needle
EZ Shot 3 Plus

The EZ Shot 3 Plus combines the multi-layer coil sheath, nitinol needle, and Menghini tip allow for precise and smooth penetration into difficult to reach lesions without compromising scope position. It combines the tissue acquisition capability of a 19 G or 22 G needle with the accessibility of a smaller gauge needle that maintains shape, ensuring a predictable, consistent trajectory during fanning or after multiple passes.
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Aspiration Needles
ViziShot FLEX

The ViziShot FLEX single-use EBUS-TBNA aspiration needles feature a treated distal end for improved needle echogenicity and offer adjustable length from 20 mm to 40 mm. The needles also feature a two-way adjustable safety handle to protect the endoscope channel, and are available in 21G and 22G.
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Biopsy Instrument and Needle

The MAX•CORE Biopsy Instrument and Needle is specially designed to help achieve a large quality, reliable core sample with the needle featuring an ultra-sharp tip and polished surface for smooth entry and exit. It enables single-handed use to allow for faster, easier use with more control with a gloved hand and its dual triggers allow for flexibility so that physician can use different biopsy techniques.
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Breast Biopsy System

The Brevera breast biopsy system streamlines the entire breast biopsy process from start to finish – with real-time imaging for instant verification and automated post-biopsy specimen handling. Its reusable device driver and disposable needles provide new functionality, simplify storage and improve waste management.
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Control Syringe

The Control Syringe offers a good sealing performance to ensure clinical efficacy and safety of use. Its one-handed operation makes it easy to use and is available as per a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different clinical applications.
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Disposable Laparoscopic Scissors
3mm MINI

The 3mm MINI lightweight, disposable/single-use, mono-polar laparoscopic scissors feature sharp cutting edges to facilitate comfort cutting while its light-weight ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip in the hands of surgeons. The instrument design allows for electro-surgical insulation to extend right up to the base of blades which increases safety and protection against inadvertent burn injuries.
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Dissecting Forceps

The Maryland reusable dissecting forceps for bariatric surgery features a shaft with a diameter of 5mm and a length of 47cm. Other features include ergonomic handle with monopolar HF connector.
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Electrosurgical Blade
EZ-Clean Precision

The EZ-Clean Precision electrodes feature a smaller blade width than standard electrosurgical tips. This allows for greater flexibility, reduced power settings, and increased control to safely maneuver in small spaces, with minimal risk of collateral tissue damage.
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Colibri Forceps

The Colibri Forceps feature semi-sharp, fine tips for easy grasping and holding of the corneal and scleral flap. It is able to fit within incisions as narrow as 1.8mm wide and its bowed, thin arm provides a clear view of the surgical site.
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Laproscopic Scissors

The LAPROCUT single-use laproscopic scissors guarantees smooth and sharp cutting throughout the procedure, with its lightweight ergonomically-designed handle providing standard Monopolar 4mm HF CONNECTOR for coagulation. Its insulation extends to the very end, up to the base of the blades, thus maximizing safety and minimizing the chances of inadvertent burning of tissues.
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Needle Holder
Barraquer Needle Holder

The Barraquer Needle Holder features a non-locking handle with a fine jaw for precision work and allows for greater control and easy rotation with just the fingers. Its cross-action, non-locking knurled handle and 9mm fine jaws are designed for precision work and delivering consistent results in delicate microsurgical procedures.
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Rosen Needle
Rosen Needle

The Rosen Needle is designed to create a clean incision in the ear drum when used in surgeries such as Tympanoplasty for more precise procedures. The single-use fine needle features a sharp tip that allows a clean incision for relying on in delicate operations.
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Umbilical Cord Clamp

The MedGyn umbilicalcord clamps are used for clamping the umbilical cord of newly born baby immediately after the birth. Safe and convenient for handling and lock to prevent accidental opening after clamping. Grooved clamping area to prevent slipping of the umbilical cord.
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Uterine Manipulator

The CLERMONT-FERRAND uterine manipulator offers easy manipulation and precise removal of uterus in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH). Inserts are available in various sizes to allow for adjustments in various anatomical conditions, while five lock-in positions between 0 and 90 degrees enable precise deflection of the rod at all times.
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