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Mobile Suction Unit

The SU-305 mobile suction unit with a user-friendly design is ideal for use in the OR and general ward during suction biopsy, surgery, endometrial curette, OB/GYN and abortion etc. Its strong vacuum aspiration regulated from zero to the maximum makes it capable of a sustained performance for all purposes.
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Portable Operating Theater Suction Unit

ASKIR C30 is a portable operating theater suction unit on castors for the aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration in adults or children. Designed for professional use and with a powerful aspiration of max 40 l/min, ASKIR C30 comes with double collection jars and on a stand with five castors for easy transport.
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Operating Theater Suction Unit

The NEW HOSPIVAC 350 operating theater suction unit has been designed for professional aspiration of bodily fluids, gases, tissues or bones of the patient during or after surgery. The state-of-the-art oil-less pump guarantees high performances with excellent suction capacities and maximum vacuum reachable within a few seconds, with no need for maintenance.
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Suction Unit

The VORTECO AS-100 suction unit is designed to meet every kind of need in the field of small and medium surgery, including small operating theatres and vacuum-extraction procedures. It is suitable for all possible applications such as at home after tracheotomy and for neonatal aspiration, in hospital ward.
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Wet Chest Drainage Device

Venice is a wet chest drainage device specifically optimized for cardio-thoracic post-operative care removes air from the pleural cavity and “instantly” monitor its escape. It is also intended for draining liquids from the pleural-mediastinal cavity and monitor their evacuation, providing complete pulmonary re-expansion in order to restore normal respiratory dynamics.
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Portable Medical Suction Device
Jet Compact

Jet Compact is a portable medical suction device used to remove fluids from the airways by creating negative pressure (suction) and extracting the fluids through a single use tube connected to the collection vase. Compact, lightweight and versatile, its maintenance free motor guarantees a flow of 32 L/min at -550 mm Hg while keeping noise emissions and vibrations reduced to a minimum.
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Portable Electric Suction Unit

The Blanco range of suction devices feature highly efficient, maintenance-free vacuum pumps, along with autoclavable containers equipped with antioverflow valve and effective closure system. Developed mainly for use in hospitals and surgeries, the suction devices can easily be used on emergency transport vehicles as well, thanks to the integrated grip handle.
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SAM 35

The SAM 35 aspirator is a top quality surgical suction unit that provides high flow, high vacuum performance and is designed primarily for major operating theatre use. As standard, the SAM 35 incorporates two autoclaveable SAM 2 collection vessels fitted with float valve systems, providing automatic shut-off to avoid over-flow.
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Portable Suction Unit

The SU-510 portable suction unit is equipped with oil-less piston vacuum pump that ensures a lubrication free and maintenance free unit. It comes with two plastic collection jars incorporated with an overflow preventive stopper and a footswitch for providing another choice of operation for intermittent and continuous suction procedure.
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Portable High Power Suction Unit

The VPX45 is an advanced portable high power suction unit that delivers a vacuum flow rate of >44l/minute and is also available in a pneumatic footswitch variant. The suction unit is robust, simple to use, fully mobile and capable of achieving a high flow rate.
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Medical Suction Unit
DIXION Vacus 7305

The DIXION Vacus 7305 is a trolley-style high-vacuum and high-flow medical suction unit that absorbs the mucus rapidly from a body-cavity or wound. It has a oil-less vacuum source that requires no maintenance along with capacious storage bottles made of high-quality plastic and equipped with a joint ring that are easy to access, use and clean.
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Surgical Suction Pump
EuroVac H-50

The EuroVac H-50 surgical suction pump is an electric, high-vacuum and high-flow suction pump designed as a suction device for operation rooms where a high-suction capability and a rapid response is required. In addition to a compact design, it features a high-resistance (impact and scratches) ABS, aluminum reinforced chassis and a long-lasting, oil-free piston-type vacuum pump that does not require maintenance.
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Low Vacuum Trolley

The VACUSILL2HV low vacuum trolley allows the use of VACUSILL 2HV vacuum regulators in applications that require greater mobility or in situations where one or two vacuum regulators are required simultaneously along with their collection bottles in the same equipment. It is available with Safetytrap water trap featuring overflow protection and high efficiency particle filter or hydrophobic antibacterial and antiviral filter.
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Portable Suction Unit

The SU-990 portable suction unit comes with plug-in cable available for use in ambulance, car or anyplace where 12VDC is available for emergency purpose. It is equipped with a sealed lead-acid 12V rechargeable battery and an automatic charging system to function a fully automatic power charge at the same time when AC mains power is used.
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Portable Suction Unit

The VPX35 is a portable, high power suction unit delivering vacuum flow rate of >35l/minutes and features an oil-free precision vacuum pump for delivering accurate levels of suction. Robust, simple to use, fully mobile and capable of achieving high flow rates, it is also available with a pneumatic footswitch variant.
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