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OR Video/Recording Systems

OR Video/Recording Systems
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Wireless Mobile Video Otoscope
DE570 HD

The DE570 HD Wireless Mobile Video Otoscope is a special purpose digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Powered by high definition, 15x optical magnification optics, this innovative device streams high quality live video to a tablet or phone, enabling the user to view and record images or videos. These image and video files are stored on the phone or tablet, and are compatible with any EMR, making the DE570 the perfect companion for any clinic interested in documentation or tracking changes over time.
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Mobile Wireless Polarizing Dermatoscope
DE370 HD

The DE370 HD Mobile Wireless Polarizing Dermatoscope (Dermascope) is a special purpose digital video camera powered by high definition, 15x magnification optics and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. This innovative device streams high quality live video to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet, enabling the user to view and record images and video. Popular applications include dermatology, clinical examinations, cosmetics, skin care and medical schools. It is also useful as a follicular scope to count hair follicles when conducting hair transplants, as well as in pre & post inspection for plastic surgery.
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Medical Grade Camera

The MKC-X800 medical grade camera is a 4K-native progressive-scan 1-CMOS model with an ultra-compact head designed to be operated from a remote CCU. Features include ultra-high resolution, sophisticated GUI and single cable 4K output.
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Medical Image & Video Recorder

The MKC-700HD is a high definition medical image and video recorder with a high-end medical grade camera used for surgical microscope, shadowless lamp, including the operative field camera system. It has a progressive scan Full-HD 3CMOS that can take advantage of a variety of medical situations.
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High Resolution Adaptors

The CFA-400 is a series of surgery microscope high resolution adaptors for three chips Full HD (High Definition) and 4K cameras with higher optical resolution. They equip the optical auto iris function and perform deeper focus depth with the Ikegami MKC camera series.
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Medical Image & Video Recorder

The MDR-600HD is a high definition medical image and video recorder that allows various types of video signals (SD & HD) to be recorded by simple operation. Reliable simultaneous recording and playback feature on internal HDD or external USB-device is also available.
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3D Surgical LCD Display

The FS-P2607D is a 26 inch medical grade 3D surgical LCD display monitor that features advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing, enhanced low-angle processing, improved low-motion detection, and advanced 3D noise reduction. It includes excellent 3D comb filter performance for use with PAL and NTSC applications, and leads the way in technology, clarity, and reliability in today’s interventional procedure facilities and minimally invasive surgery suites.
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3D/2D Recorder

The R-FLIX1010 is a 3D/2D recorder that stores four channel full HD video and still images captured by G-FLIX and M-FLIX, and other surgical cameras. R-FLIX1010 is compatible with robotic operation equipment like the da Vinci series and other image capturing devices.
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Full HD 3D Surgery Camera

The G-FLIX1010 full HD 3D camera for general surgery captures open surgical procedures in 3D images. The simple-to-use camera is attachable to holding arms, capturing high quality 1080p full HD images with two channels.
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Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

The ClarifEye Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation to advance minimally-invasive spine procedures is the industry-first image-guided therapy solution that combines imaging and augmented reality (AR) navigation into one system in the Hybrid Operating Room. By combining superb 2D and 3D visualizations at low X-ray dose with 3D AR, the unique solution provides live intra-operative visual feedback to support accurate placement of pedicle screws during spinal fusion procedures.
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Endoscopic Visualization Solution
System Green

System Green is a visualization solution for real-time ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform and meets the highest standards of endoscopic imaging. It is used in the field of minimally invasive surgery for applications, including intraoperative assessment of visceral perfusion (e.g., enteroanastomosis), visualization of biliary structures in fluorescence cholangiography, or lymph node mapping in oncological procedures (e.g., visualization of sentinel lymph nodes in case of lymphadenectomy).
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HD Monitor
aView 2 Advance

Ambu aView 2 Advance is a high-quality, portable full-HD monitor for single-use endoscopy that helps perform procedures across medical specialties confidently, streamline workflow and stay connected and updated. Its advanced image processing with adaptive light control on a 12.8-inch anti-reflective touchscreen ensures continuous optimization of the image quality.
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Surgical Monitor
Sony LMD-X2705MD

The Sony LMD-X2705MD is a 27-inch 4K LCD medical-grade surgical monitor that displays bright, high-quality 2D color images with true 4K resolution from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems. Suitable for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures, it is intended for use in hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and similar medical environments.
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4K Surgical Display Monitor
Eizo CuratOR EX3140

The Eizo CuratOR® EX3140, a 31.1-inch 4K surgical display monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the size of a full HD monitor. 4K UHD endoscope and microscope images can be reproduced in high definition. Easily see fine details that are otherwise difficult to distinguish on full HD monitors. Ampronix is an Authorized Eizo Medical Solutions Reseller.
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Endoscopy LED Light Source

The INSIGHT-iL is a light engine made of optical fiber that illuminates an affected area with a high output, cool white LED source by connecting the source to a rigid endoscope. It has a user-friendly operation and simple design, and is compatible with optical fiber.
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