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DNA/RNA Extraction System
Genesis S1000

The Genesis S1000 is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction system with the flexibility of processing 1-12 samples per run, making it tailor-made for small clinics and early stage laboratories. By occupying minimal counter space and greatly reducing technician manhours, this series allows organizations to operate facilities in a much more cost effective fashion.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
RX imola

The RX imola is a fully automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer with random access and STAT sampling functionality that delivers up to 400 photometric tests per hour and 240 ISE tests per hour at a minimum reaction volume of 150µl. It has a dual reagent probe that minimizes carry over, and five-speed mixing arms that eliminate foaming, making it ideal for medium to large throughput laboratories.
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Reagent Kit
Erba ITA

The Erba ITA is a range of liquid stable, ready to use reagents, offering a wide measuring range, with a 1 ml calibrator included in each kit. The reagents have a long shelf life stability and can be used for semi-automatic as well as fully automatic analyzers.
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Hematology Analyzer
CELL-DYN Emerald 22

The CELL-DYN Emerald 22 hematology system allows programming of startup and shutdown to occur automatically each workday and requires zero daily maintenance. It delivers a full CBC and five-part optical differential in a compact design which is ideal for smaller laboratories seeking greater productivity under tighter space limitations.
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Fecal Blood Test

The ACTIM fecal blood test is a rapid, specific and hygienic way to test for occult fecal blood in order to screen for colorectal cancer and gastrointestinal disorder. It does not have any diet restrictions, offers hygienic and convenient sample collection, and can be stored at room temperature.
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Urine Analyzer
Mast Uri System

The Mast Uri System is an innovative, rapid and economical, semi-automated laboratory solution for the microbiological analysis of urine samples to aid the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI). In comparison to traditional bacterial culture based methodologies, it offers higher throughputs, simplified processing and faster turnaround times, all for significantly reduced costs.
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Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

The TEMIS semi-automatic clinical chemistry analyzer has a wavelength range from 340 – 700 nm and a photometric range from -0.2 – 2.5A. It comes with 130 test programs, an LCD screen, and an internal thermal printer.
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Serology Test Kits

The HerpeSelect type specific serology tests aid in the presumptive diagnosis of HSV-1 and HSV-2 in sexually active adults or expectant mothers. Used by leading reference laboratories worldwide, it provides physicians with the information they need to confidently diagnose and counsel their patients on treatment and life style decisions.
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Immunoassay Analyzer
ElizaMat X-2

The ElizaMat X-2 is a fully-automated two-plate immunoassay analyzer with a capacity of 192 samples and up to 8 results from one test. Its slide-out sample and reagent racks allow for ease of access, and it is ideal for running different tests for infectious diseases, autoimmune, endocrinology, and oncology from multiple manufacturers in one batch.
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Dry Hematology System
QBC Autoread Plus

The QBC Autoread Plus dry hematology system is a blood count analyzer that measures nine important CBC hematological parameters from venous or capillary blood samples without using liquid reagents. It consists of a reader, a centrifuge, and an external printer, and delivers a 9-parameter, 2 part differential in just seven minutes.
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Flow-through Hybridization System
FT-PRO Auto System

The FT-PRO Auto System is an automatic flow-through hybridization instrument for molecular diagnostics that offers speed, ease of use and accuracy in mid-resolution DNA analysis. The system is based on the detection of a DNA target by Dot blot Hybridization and is suitable for use in molecular diagnostics research labs, healthcare institutions and molecular diagnostics services labs.
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Microplate Processor
Stratec Gemini

The Stratec Gemini is a fully-automated microplate processor for low throughput applications that features an absorbance reader with up to eight different filters and provides single or dual wavelength reading. It offers flexible scheduling of up to three plates and has an initial loading capacity of up to 192 samples with continuous loading feature.
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Image Capture System

The CellaVision Image Capture System utilizes the small labs existing conventional microscope to help the user find, focus and capture digital cell images, and then transmit them to the larger lab, where the differential is performed. For WBC morphology, the cells are automatically located and focus-assist functionality helps optimize image quality, while for RBC morphology, it allows manual selection of up to 12 different RBC overview images.
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Immunochromatography Test

The RESIST-3 O.K.N. is a single immunochromatography test for the triple independent identification of OXA-48-like, KPC-like and NDM-like carbapenemase on bacterial colony. The ready and easy-to-use kit offers the advantage of testing for three parameters in one single test with the shortest time-to-result and without the requirement for any equipment.
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Immunoassay Test
CerTest S. pneumoniae + Legionella

The CerTest S. pneumoniae + Legionella one-step combo card test is a colored chromatographic immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 in human urine samples. The rapid test delivers results in 15 minutes using a urine specimen, which is convenient for collection, transport, and subsequent detection of early, as well as later, stages of disease.
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