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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Selectra Pro XS

The Selectra Pro XS is a robust, compact and easy-to-use clinical chemistry analyzer with a discrete random access throughput of up to 75 tests per hour and a superior test menu. The fully automated system offers minimal maintenance and effective use of consumables to provide a truly cost effective operation, making it the ideal benchtop solution for primary, STAT or back-up testing needs.
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Peripheral Blood Application
CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application

The CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application enables laboratories to automate, standardize and simplify morphological examination of peripheral blood smears. When implemented together with CellaVision analyzers and supporting software, it speeds up and simplifies the review process while delivering more standardized results.
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Rapid Test
Biokit Rapid Test

The Biokit Rapid Test product line is designed for use as a simple screening test when a preliminary screening result is required, including tests based on latex agglutination, haemagglutination, charcoal flocculation and membrane immunochromatography. The rapid test product line includes Syphilis (RPR and TPHA), Rheumatic markers (CRP, ASO and RF), Toxoplasma, Rubella, Infectious Mononucleosis, Rotavirus and Adenovirus assays.
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Respiratory Panel Tests
FilmArray RP Panel

The FilmArray RP Panel tests for a comprehensive set of 20 respiratory viral and bacterial pathogens in about an hour, and identify the most common viral and bacterial pathogens that cause respiratory tract infections that present with nearly indistinguishable symptoms. The rapid and accurate identification of the causative agent helps determine how a healthcare provider chooses to treat an upper respiratory tract infection.
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Single-Sample Osmometer
Advanced Model 3250

The Advanced Model 3250 is a single-sample osmometer designed to provide fast, accurate test results using a 200-250 µL sample. It combines proven freezing point technology with the versatility of advanced sample processing capabilities in an osmometer that is both simple to operate and easy to maintain.
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Urinalysis Test Strips
LabStrip U11 Plus (GL)

The LabStrip U11 Plus and LabStrip U11 Plus GL high-grade, multi-parameter urinalysis test strips are designed for semi-quantitative urine analysis from fresh urine and are intended to be used in screening tests for liver disease, biliary and hepatic obstructions, and diabetes. They are also used in screening tests for hemolytic, urological, and nephrological diseases associated with hematuria or hemoglobinuria, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, and pathologic shifts in pH, as well as for the investigation of urinary sediment.
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Hematology Analyzer
DxH 520

The DxH 520 is a 5-part differential closed tube hematology analyzer that delivers critical results the first time with accuracy, with as little as 375 µL tube fill-volume and an aspiration of only 17 µL, making it ideal for pediatric or difficult-draw samples. It uses closed tube technology to provide optimal security against blood-borne pathogens, uses only three reagents, features a robust patient data and QC management package and has one of the smallest footprints in its class.
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Ready-to-Use Reagent

The Lp-PLA2 FS is designed for determining the enzymatic activity of Lp-PLA2 in serum, EDTA and heparin plasma. The test covers a wide measuring range up to 2000 U/L and shows excellent precision.
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Pasteur Pipettes
Pasteur pipettes

The Pasteur pipettes made of PE-LD/PE-HD are disposable and offer very good reproducibility of the number of drops per milliliter. They can be filled and deep-frozen, or changed into a closed vessel by heat-sealing the tip, and are ideal for aliquots.
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Analysis Kit
Vitamin D2/D3 analysis kit

The Vitamin D2/D3 analysis kit can be used in combination with the Zivak-Multitasker as well as manually and has an analysis run time of 1.7 minutes per test for the manual version. Due to the efficient and quite smart procedure of the Zivak-Multitasker, the automated version also guarantees results in 1.7 minutes per test, including sample preparation, sample injection- and analysis run time.
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Rapid Test

The ALT/AST is a qualitative immunochromatographic rapid test for the detection of Alanine Transaminase (ALT) and Aspartate Transaminase (AST). It requires 80 IU/L of serum, plasma or whole blood sample.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The BIOSSAYS BC2200 clinical chemistry analyzer offers a constant throughput of 1,600 tests per hour and allows 280 sample positions to be loaded continuously on the sample disk with barcode label recognition. It features two-reagent disk, each with 45 reagent positions, and the use of micropipette technology allows the sample volume per test to be reduced to 2.0 μL.
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Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The CLINITEK Novus automated urine chemistry analyzer combines dry-pad urine chemistry technology and a cassette test format to help ensure maximum productivity and standardized testing with other CLINITEK analyzers. Offering a full spectrum of tests and a throughput of up to 240 samples per hour, it streamlines workflow, simplifies testing, and delivers consistent, high-quality results.
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Activity Assay

The ACTICHROME AT III activity chromogenic assay for measuring Antithrombin III activity in human plasma uses a two-stage method where thrombin is added to plasma diluted with an excess of heparin. After the initial incubation stage, the residual thrombin activity is determined with the addition of SPECTROZYME TH, a thrombin-specific chromogenic substrate.
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Rapid Diagnostic Test
Multiplex Array

The Multiplex Array simultaneously detects 22 viral and bacterial pathogens from the upper and lower respiratory tract and enables identification of secondary or multiple infections. It provides clinicians with a comprehensive infection profile for the patient enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis without the need for secondary or confirmatory testing to inform clinical treatment decisions.
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