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Biochip Immunoanalyser
Evidence Evolution

The Evidence Evolution is a highly versatile analyzer which can process any required workflow including batch analysis, STAT samples and true random access, and is capable of running 2,640 tests per hour. With continuous sample and reagent loading, alongside automated on-board sample dilution and sample information entry, and a walk away time of two hours, it is a convenient solution for busy laboratories.
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Hemoglobin Testing System
Hb Vario

The Hb Vario uses the HPLC method for HBA1c measurement, and CLE technology enables complete elimination of labile glycoprotein to ensure accurate results with HbA2 and HbF flagging. The benchtop system requires no sample preparation, and is designed for small- to medium-sized labs.
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DNA/RNA Extraction System
Genesis S1000

The Genesis S1000 is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction system with the flexibility of processing 1-12 samples per run, making it tailor-made for small clinics and early stage laboratories. By occupying minimal counter space and greatly reducing technician manhours, this series allows organizations to operate facilities in a much more cost effective fashion.
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Immunoblot Strip Assay Analyzer
Immunoblot Strip Assay Analyzer

The automatic immunoblot strip assay can process up to 44 samples per run from sample processing to the final result. Designed to be more convenient, stable and user-friendly, it can be customized for various applications of strip-based assays such as allergy, autoimmune and infectious diseases.
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Auto Hematology Analyzer

The V-Counter is an automated hematology analyzer for 26 parameters, including a 3-part differential, and has a throughput of up to 60 samples/hour. It operates based on microfluidic technology, resulting in 80 per cent less reagent consumption than traditional hematology analyzers and is ideal for small- and medium sized laboratories.
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Absorbance Reader
800 TS

The 800 TS Absorbance Reader is a microplate reader for assays in 6- to 384-well formats and features a color touchscreen that provides a visual user interface, making programming fast and intuitive. Its applications extend from endpoint ELISA to temperature sensitive kinetic assays and it allows data export through USB flash drive as well as analysis using Gen5 software.
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Microplate Reader
LuMate 4400

The LuMate 4400 is a PC-controlled chemiluminescent microplate reader that uses glow luminescence detection with photomultiplier and utilizes standard opaque microwell plates or strips for all reactions. It automatically positions plate, blanks, reads and calculates results, and features user-friendly intuitive software.
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Blood Gas Analyzer

The ABL9 blood gas analyzer allows users to easily measure patient samples and receive immediate results on the acid-base balance as well as oxygen and electrolyte status. It provides full insight into vital functions from a single 70 μL of blood sample and is designed especially for critical care environments running only a few tests per day.
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Urinalysis System
Atellica 1500

The Atellica 1500 combines the CLINITEK Novus and the Atellica UAS 800 into one automated unit for the highest accuracy and efficiency. It allows more samples to be managed using less staff in a shorter time, and streamlines detection of UTIs and early kidney disease.
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PCR Detection Kit

The VIASURE MERS Coronavirus RT-PCR kit is designed for specific identification of MERS-CoV in clinical samples. The detection is done in a one-step real-time format where the reverse transcription and the subsequent amplification of specific target sequence occur in the same reaction well.
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Immunoturbidimetric Test
D-Dimer FS

The D-Dimer FS test can be used on any clinical chemistry analyzer. Its wide measuring range, high prozone security and excellent sensitivity/specificity enable accurate exclusion of DVT and PE in individuals with signs or symptoms suggestive of thromboembolic phenomenon.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The ANALYZER 90 is a semi-automated clinical chemistry 10 mm flow cell photometer with seven optical filters and wave length of 340-400/700 nm. It offers both mono and bichromatic reading systems and its operating software can run and store up to 200 tests.
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Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer

The Excel semi-automated chemistry analyzer is equipped to handle endpoint, kinetic and EIA assays, and is controlled by a microprocessor. It reads samples using a flowcell module to ensure optimized reagent consumption, and features an 18-position incubator and a PC-style keyboard.
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LC-MS System
Topaz System

The Topaz System is the first fully-integrated LC-MS system for clinical diagnostics and offers the ultimate in flexibility with both an open system for lab-developed tests and a closed system for running locked, pre-validated assays. The first FDA-cleared (via the de novo pathway) LC-MS based Vitamin D assay kit is available for immediate implementation on the system, which is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the clinical diagnostic lab.
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Information Management Software
GEMweb Plus 500

The GEMweb Plus 500 information management software provides complete control of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) process from a single dashboard. It offers enhanced mobility with accessibility from tablet devices, in addition to any networked analyzer or PC, with support for integration with hospital information systems, laboratory information systems and electronic medical records.
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