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Blood/Gas Analyzers

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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Glucose/Lactate Analyzer
Biosen C-Line GP+

The Biosen C-Line GP+ glucose analyzer is available as either one or two channel systems for measurements of either glucose or lactate, or both. It uses a special chip sensor technology to deliver fast measurements with a high degree of accuracy at a low cost per test and features a touch screen along with a large memory.
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Microbiology Analyzer
EM Smart-Reader

The EM Smart-Reader is a unique automated and expert solution for the diagnosis of urogenital mycoplasma that provides standardized reading & interpretation of results. It offers secure traceability of all reagents and specimens and comes with an integrated program to monitor ongoing tests and guide technicians step-by-step from the beginning of incubation.
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Nephelometric Analyzer
Atellica NEPH 630

The Atellica NEPH 630 is a mid-volume dedicated nephelometric analyzer that simplifies lab operations in specialty protein testing. It offers the broadest menu of protein tests for assessment on urine, CSF, plasma, and serum, supporting the assessment and monitoring of cardiovascular risk, kidney diseases, neurological disorders, nutritional status, and other diseases.
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Blood Gas Analyzer

The ABL9 blood gas analyzer allows users to easily measure patient samples and receive immediate results on the acid-base balance as well as oxygen and electrolyte status. It provides full insight into vital functions from a single 70 μL of blood sample and is designed especially for critical care environments running only a few tests per day.
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Laboratory Analyzer

The Porta-qGB analyzer has a maximum reading time of 10 seconds (4x DOA standard) and features a 5.5-inch capacitive touchscreen. It runs on the Android operating system and comes with a 3,000 mAh battery and 32GB ROM / 3GB RAM data storage capacity.
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ESR Auto Analyzer
IMPROVE ESR Auto Analyzer

The IMPROVE ESR auto random access analyzer provides a fast and safe solution for erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analysis. It allows up to 30 samples to be scanned simultaneously along with ESR curve display and print-out using a built-in internal thermal recorder and large LCD touch screen.
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Bilirubin Analyzer
One Beam

The One Beam instrument allows for a rapid photo-metric analysis of the bilirubin total in the serum (totals of the conjugated and non-conjugated) using a capillary tube as an optical cell. It uses an algorithmic mathematical calculation to eliminate the hemoglobin interference factor, allowing for accurate measurement of the bilirubin concentration level in the blood.
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Allergy Testing System

The NOVEOS allergy testing system provides maximum walk away time for laboratory technicians by allowing up to 75 tests per specific allergen and up to 140 allergens at any time. Its on-board reagents supply offers sufficient capacity for up to 8 hours of continuous testing, and it requires only 4µL of patient sample volume.
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Diabetes &TB Analyzer
Epithod 616

The Epithod 616 system is a convenient analyzer with reliable test kits that uses cutting-edge NANO-BIO technology to deliver accurate and reliable multiple test results for diabetes and TB. It features 7-inch full color touch screen, thermal printer with full IT-connectivity and valuable functions, such as PC dashboard control, automatic update, remote assistance, multi-lingual operation, operator & patient management.
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POC HbA1c Analyzer
Cera-Stat 2000

The Cera-Stat 2000 is a bench-top POC HbA1c analyzer that provides HBA1C as well as eAG (estimated average glucose) results from whole blood within just seven seconds. Other features include a 3.5-inch full color touch screen, in-built thermal printer, voice guided operation, and 300 test results memory.
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Blood Mixer

The TOPSWING PRO II is a blood mixing and weighing device with two interfaces for the scanner, infrared remote control, large VGA display and three USB ports. Designed for mobile and stationary use, it offers integrated carrying facility, Ethernet connection and data transfer via USB-stick.
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Blood Culture Detection System
DL-Bt 240

The DL-Bt 240 auto blood culture detection system is used for the detection of microbial in human blood or other sterile body fluids under normal conditions through in vitro culture. Using the colorimetry and carbonate test principles, it detects microbial every 10 minutes by each independent detector in blood and various sterile body fluid specimen.
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Blood Gas System
RAPIDPoint 500

The RAPIDPoint 500 Blood Gas System can test blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, lactate and full CO-oximetry (including neonatal total bilirubin) and total hemoglobin) using multiple sample types, including whole blood (arterial and venous), pleural fluid and dialysate. It deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive test results in approximately 60 seconds, and helps clinicians to focus on improved patient care without reliability or maintenance worries.
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ESR Analyzer
ESR Analyzer

The ESR Analyzer is designed for the fully automated determination of the blood sedimentation rate and can measure 48 samples at the same time and independently of one another. The reading of the one hour value can be performed after 60 minutes with direct results or after 30 minutes with forecasted results.
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Glucose Analyzer
GA 3

The GA 3 glucose analyzer is designed for the precise and quick determination of glucose and lactate concentration in haemolysed whole blood. The analyzing solutions are available in pre-filled, closed vessels and the measuring results are displayed, printed out, saved and can be transferred to the laboratory EDP.
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