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Blood/Gas Analyzers

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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Blood Gas System
GEM Premier 3000

The GEM Premier 3000 blood gas system simplifies and standardizes whole blood testing while delivering rapid, quality results in the laboratory or at the point-of-care. It measures pH, blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites and more, while providing continuous quality management through Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) and zero-maintenance with its multi-use, disposable GEM PAKs.
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Glucose/Ketone Monitor
StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose

The StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose is a hospital connectivity glucose/ketone monitoring system that uses capillary blood samples and does not require meter preparation or calibration coding steps. It offers bidirectional wireless connectivity for transmitting patient results directly from the bedside, while ensuring complete security and encryption to ensure that patient data remains uncompromised.
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Glucose/Lactate Analyzer
Biosen C-Line GP+

The Biosen C-Line GP+ glucose analyzer is available as either one or two channel systems for measurements of either glucose or lactate, or both. It uses a special chip sensor technology to deliver fast measurements with a high degree of accuracy at a low cost per test and features a touch screen along with a large memory.
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Protein Analyzer

The PA120 is a fully-automatic specific protein analyzer that uses latex Nephelometry and processes up to 60 samples per hour, thus significantly increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. It allows for direct processing of whole blood samples, eliminating the need for pre-treatment, and its wide test menu covers the most popular and useful parameters required in hospitals and laboratories.
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Blood Gas Testing Solution
1st Automatic

The 1st Automatic is a solution for automating blood gas testing which ensures automatic positive patient identification (PPI) at the bedside by automatically matching patient, sample and operator information directly at the bedside, without manual data entry or transcription errors. Its automated testing increases patient and operator safety, while providing more time for patient care.
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The Colibri is a microvolume spectrometer for measuring the smallest volumes of DNA, RNA, proteins and more, in less than five seconds. The on-board software is available in various languages and offers nine ready to use protocols operated by a color touchscreen.
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ESR Analyzer
CUBE 30 Touch

The CUBE 30 Touch is an automated instrument for high-volume erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing in EDTA tubes that produces ESR results directly from EDTA tubes without consuming the patient sample and is compatible with standard 4.0 mL K2EDTA tubes. Its internal mixing function automatically prepares up to 30 samples per batch, along with random access capability to add samples as space allows, and it delivers results in 20 minutes with automatic printing and transmission to LIS.
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CD4 T-Cell Analyzer
Alere Pima

The Alere Pima enables CD4 T-cell analysis at the point-of-care from a fingerstick or venous whole-blood sample in only 20 minutes, providing an effective and affordable tool in the management of HIV patients. It is specifically designed to serve the needs of healthcare professionals in the field, laboratory or office and allows them to monitor the patients while they are still under their care.
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Cholesterol Analyzer
Alere Cholestech LDX

The Alere Cholestech LDX is a CLIA-waived point-of-care analyzer for lipid profile, cholesterol, and glucose testing with unique safeguards, automated checks and calibrations to ensure accurate results and eliminate user error. Its rapid results provide immediate awareness and identification of cardiovascular and diabetes health risks in only five minutes using fingerstick sampling and a small sample size (40μL).
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Blood Culturing Instruments
BD BACTEC FX Instruments

The BD BACTEC FX blood culturing instruments used with patented resin-containing media have shown higher rates of organism recovery, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment of bloodstream infections. Designed for performance, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility, it can streamline workflow and minimize process steps, and optimizes communication of preliminary or final results to care givers.
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Auto Stool Analyzer

The BELSON LXL1000 automatic stool analyzer is designed for the testing of occult blood for gaita, rotavirus and similar items and has a throughput of 120 samples per hour. Other features include automatic dilution, high speed mechanical mixing, separating with filtration of the collected larva and samples, automatic sample loading and automatic imaging.
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Blood Glucose & Cholesterol Monitor
MultiSure GC

The MultiSure GC blood glucose and cholesterol monitoring system is a hand-held self-control device for assessing the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. It allows to accurately and easily measure the two important markers of metabolism, blood glucose and cholesterol, in a single instrument, with a testing time of five seconds and 90 seconds, respectively.
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Blood Uric Acid Monitor

The UASure blood uric acid monitoring system is a hand-held system for both healthcare professionals and individual users that offers the convenience of a portable device and easy operation for blood uric acid self monitoring. Other features include ease of use, small sample volume requirement of 3 µL, quick testing time of 30 seconds and large LCD display.
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Fecal Hemoglobin Immunochemical Testing System

The HM-JACKarc automated quantitative fecal hemoglobin immunochemical testing system from Kyowa Medex integrates analyzer technology, with reagent and collection device. It offers a rapid and consistent, high throughput solution for both screening and symptomatic fecal occult blood testing and is designed to provide rapid results with maximum convenience for the operator.
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Cholesterol Meter
Mission Ultra Cholesterol

The Mission Ultra Cholesterol monitoring system delivers total cholesterol test results in 15 seconds using 4μL sample of capillary whole blood. The user-friendly, hand held cholesterol meter offers reliable results that healthcare professionals can depend on and is the ideal choice for monitoring cholesterol in both the professional and home setting.
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