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Blood/Gas Analyzers

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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Blood Analyzer For Malaria

The CellsCheck automaton for rapid diagnosis of malaria is the first platform for the detection and identification of the Plasmodium species in human blood by the thick drop method. Based on a unique digital processing technology, combined with a patented sample preparation technique, it enables the identification of malaria in a reliable, fast, inexpensive and fully automated way.
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Blood Gas System
RAPIDPoint 500

The RAPIDPoint 500 Blood Gas System can test blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, lactate and full CO-oximetry and total hemoglobin) using multiple sample types, including whole blood (arterial and venous), pleural fluid and dialysate. It delivers fast, accurate and comprehensive test results in approximately 60 seconds, and helps clinicians to focus on improved patient care without reliability or maintenance worries.
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Electrophoresis Analyzer

The AUTO SCANION is a fully automated system for electrophoresis on cellulose acetate strips. It is suitable for the most common determinations, such as serum proteins, hemoglobins, lipoproteins, and urinary proteins.
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Albumin Analyzer
HemoCue Albumin 201 System

The HemoCue Albumin 201 System is an easy, lab-accurate means of identifying microalbuminuria long before any possible symptoms of renal or vascular complications may appear. It uses patented microcuvette technology which enables quantitative test results right at the point of care and can monitor changes in albumin concentration in a very low range (5-20 mg/L).
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Glucose Analyzer
HemoCue Glucose 201+ System

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ System is designed to measure glucose levels using unique microcuvette technology which gives high accuracy and reduces contamination risks. Designed for use in screening, monitoring and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, it offers precise monitoring for better glycemic control and makes it possible to detect hypoglycemia in newborns as well.
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HbA1c Analyzer

The DS5 HbA1c analyzer is intended for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in blood samples and offers HbA1c results in five minutes. Simple to use with an icon-driven touch screen, it offers immediate labile fraction removal using the DS5 dispenser and a 15 position autosampler.
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CVD Analyzer
RAMP 200

The RAMP 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader that can perform up to six tests in random access and deliver results in less than 20 minutes. It offers a comprehensive menu of tests along with high precision and accuracy, and is validated for use in emergency vehicles.
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Multi Meter
Qucare Multi Meter

The Qucare Multi Meter features an auto coding system for identifying strips automatically and provides four visible results for TC/HDL/TG/LDL in one screen shot. Featuring a light and compact design, it comes with a rechargeable internal Lithium polymer battery for performing up to 500 tests per one time full-recharge.
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Newborn Hemoglobin Screening System

The VARIANTnbs automated newborn screening system for sickle cell disease and other hemoglobin disorders features fully automated analysis and advanced result reporting for maximum efficiency. Using dried blood spot specimens, it identifies the most clinically significant hemoglobin variants, including hemoglobins F, S, A, C, D and E, as well as the carrier status for abnormal hemoglobin variants and double-heterozygote conditions.
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Blood & Urine Analyzer

The Farmascreen is a fully automatic analyzer for analyzing capillary blood and urine samples and is a particularly fast and secure system for effective action of control and prevention. It is controlled by a microprocessor which eliminates the need for manual intervention by the operator and features a color touch screen along with memory for storing 450 results.
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Glucose Monitor

The Glusys system monitors glucose concentration in capillary, venous, arterial, neonatal blood using strips based on GDH-FAD enzyme which is highly resistant and not influenced by oxygen in the blood. It features Bluetooth option, back light option, ejector, and marking meal time and provides highly accurate results in conformity with the ISO15197:2013.
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Blood Gas Analyzer

The ABL80 FLEX analyzer – BASIC version is the ideal cost-effective choice for blood gas, electrolyte and lactate analysis with its standby mode reducing the costs for consumables while the analyzer stays ready for the next patient sample. With its small sample volume, portability, rapid start-up and easy sample handling, it is the ideal blood gas analyzer for smaller clinics and hospital departments.
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Blood Gas Analyzer

The ABL90 FLEX blood gas analyzer can deliver 17 parameters from a sample as small as 65 μL in just 35 seconds and ensures standardized mixing of blood samples in only seven seconds using safePICO syringes and a built-in sample mixer. The cassette-based analyzer is designed specifically for demanding hospital wards like the ICU, the NICU and the ED and is always ready for the next sample.
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Blood Culture System

The BD BACTEC FX40 is a modular blood culture instrument that offers lower volume customers the opportunity to access the state-of-the-art workflow and performance of the BD BACTEC FX system. It offers vial-activated workflow for reduced hands-on time and a superior user interface with a computer touchscreen.
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Cell Analyzer

The BD FACSPresto is a complete CD4 testing solution designed to provide absolute and percentage results of CD4 T lymphocytes and total hemoglobin (Hb) concentration in whole blood samples. It includes the instrument, integrated software, sample incubation work station, and single-use disposable cartridges, and can be operated by a rechargeable battery.
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