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ID-Centrifuge L

The ID-Centrifuge L can be used with both ID-Cards and tubes and offers automatic detection of the head type as well as automatic selection of the appropriate program. It has a 28 tube capacity, a panel PC touch-screen with easy to use interface (icon based) and four compatible centrifuge heads.
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Sorvall BIOS 16

The Sorvall BIOS 16 centrifuge is designed for high quality harvesting, separation and purification bioprocessing methods that require run to run reproducibility and traceability. With an enhanced capacity of up to 16 liters of sample volume, a compact footprint and innovative features to optimize operations, maximizing productivity and efficiency is simplified.
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Clinical Centrifuge

The CAPPRondo clinical centrifuge is a powerful blood separation centrifuge, providing 6500 rpm, corresponding to the centrifugation force of 3.873g, and is fully compatible with the majority of standard collection tubes.. It has a rotor capacity for eight 15mL tubes, though smaller tubes like 1.5mL, 2mL, 5mL, 7mL and 10mL can also be used with CAPP centrifuge for blood separation, thanks to the additional adaptors provided with the instrument.
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Hematocrit Centrifuge

The HC-12A centrifuge made of a high-strength plastic shell with a metal cover is designed for the separation of blood solution and accurately measuring the specific value of blood cell. Small in size and light in weight, it offers a high-strength brushless motor drive, along with digital display of the speed and running time.
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Fixed Angle Routine Centrifuges
Clinispin Horizon 6 Flex FA & 6 FA

The Clinispin Horizon 6 Flex FA & 6 FA are fixed angle routine centrifuges that meet fixed angle processing needs for PPP, PRP, urine and more. The Clinispin Horizon 6 Flex FA offers digital display and 10 programmable cycles, while the Clinispin Horizon 6 FA offers simple two-button operation to select a preset cycle or lock to a single cycle.
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Hematocrit & Microliter Benchtop Centrifuge

The HuMax HCT is a fast, easy and reliable hematocrit and microliter benchtop centrifuge equipped with a programmable microprocessor controlled system. It features a maintenance-free brushless induction motor along with a 24 single segment rotor for hematocrit capillaries.
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Microhematocrit Centrifuge

The CMH30 microhematocrit centrifuge is made of formed metal and has a baked paint application that is acid and reagent resistant. A safety switch built into the handle assembly disconnects the power to the motor whenever the latch is lifted. The brushed motor is mounted on rubber mounts to provide quiet running and dampen vibration.
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Excelsa 3 Centrifuge 280

The Excelsa 3 Centrifuge (model 280) features an electronic microprocessor control which, in addition to maintaining accurate rotation, also provides a complete fault diagnosis that can be viewed on the alphanumeric display panel. It features a brushless-type motor system driven by a frequency inverter that ensures accuracy and stability, eliminates wear and reduces operating noise.
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Microplate Centrifuge & Reader
Lyra MP-Reader II

The Lyra MP-Reader II is a compact, CE-compliant microplate centrifuge and reader that performs centrifugation, agitation, reading and interpretation, while requiring little bench space in the lab. Featuring a new, high-resolution color camera, bi-directional operation, and single connection by USB, it provides positive identification and complete traceability for complete confidence in test results.
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Portable Clinical Centrifuge

The GCC-P Portable Clinical Centrifuge is designed for easy transport to facilitate convenient field separations using the included 12VDC car power adapter. It is compact in size and packed with the features required for routine clinical applications. The included six-position rotor accommodates 1.5mL to 5mL, 7mL, 10mL and 15mL tubes (all adapters are included). Safety is maintained by an automatic lid lock that only disengages when the program is completed or manually once the unit has completely stopped.
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Enhanced Clinical Centrifuge

The GCC-E50 Enhanced Clinical Centrifuge is an economical solution for 15mL and 50mL separations with an enhanced user interface, easy to read backlit LCD display, tight accuracy, and automated self-diagnostics on startup. An extension based on the Globe Scientific GCC-E enhanced clinical centrifuge, the GCC-E50 employs a new rotor for spinning up to six 50mL centrifuge tubes or six 15mL centrifuge tubes.
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Universal Centrifuge
Z446 Series

The Z446 universal centrifuge series offers the highest capacity of any benchtop Hermle-Benchmark model and features advanced microprocessor controls that allow for instant rotor identification, which automatically converts the rotational speed to the relevant g-force (rcf). With air-craft grade, premium alloy construction, the 4 x 750ml swing out rotor can withstand centrifugal forces upwards of 4,500 xg with full loads of up to 28 x 50ml, 68 x 15ml tubes, and up to 20 x microplates.
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Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

The Z216-MK is a compact, quiet, and powerful refrigerated microcentrifuge with a remarkably small footprint, but still offers a uniquely designed 44 x 1.5ml dual row rotor, nearly doubling the capacity when compared to traditional microcentrifuges. All common microtubes (0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml) can be accepted as well as PCR strips, hematocrit tubes, and even 5.0ml centrifuge tubes, while its advanced microprocessor controls allow for setting/displaying of the rotational speed in either rpm or rcf.
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Doctor Centrifuge
iFuge D06

The iFuge D06 doctor centrifuge features a brushless DC motor and a smartly designed chamber to prevent a rise in temperature. It also features a smart airflow design, digital display, variable speed selection and various fail safe matters to ensure maximum safety for the user.
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Laboratory Centrifuge

M-BASIC is a small, universal and easy-to-use laboratory centrifuge with a unique rotor that combines the features of traditional angel and horizontal rotors, allowing it to spin at 45° and 90° without changing the rotor and only by repositioning the buckets. M-BASIC’s small size fits in a small lab space, while its 8-tube capacity and low power consumption ensure efficiency without excessive environmental damage. Thanks to its versatility, the device can be used for daily tests (CBC or urine analysis) and for PRP preparation, making it suitable for small medical laboratories, research institutes and dental or esthetic medicine clinics.
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