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Coagulation Analyzers

Coagulation Analyzers
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Haemostasis Laboratory Management System

Coag.One middleware solution is a unique centralized system that is revolutionizing the operational efficiency of Haemostasis laboratory management. It offers the highest level of standardization thanks to its auto-validation rules and Coag algorithms, which offer the analytical guidance and support needed to make the right decisions. Coag.One improves productivity by centralizing data within a single interface. Laboratories benefit from an advanced and centralized management tool, allowing them to monitor their key performance indicators and control quality to achieve near-perfect processing times.
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Blood/Plasma Screening System
Alinity s

The Alinity s system for blood and plasma screening has the capacity to run up to 600 tests per hour in a compact footprint and provides the ability to load samples and walk away for a minimum of three hours while the samples are analyzed. It offers continuous access to samples and supplies which means that the samples are reloaded without pausing or stopping the instrument, thus avoiding costly downtime.
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Hemostasis Testing System
Hemochron Signature Elite

The Hemochron Signature Elite is a whole blood hemostasis testing and monitoring system with the broadest menu, including both high and low heparin ranges (ACT+, ACT-LR) as well as PT and APTT, with both coagulation pathways. It delivers rapid, accurate and reproducible results for patient management decisions across a range of POC settings, including cardiovascular operating room, cardiac catheterization lab, emergency department, intensive care unit, trauma surgery and anticoagulation clinic.
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Coagulation Analyzer

The ARES coagulation analyzer offers four test channels with a normal test time of 20-60 seconds and a maximum test time of 600 seconds. It offers 24 sample positions and can store up to 10,000 test results, and comes with a 6-inch LCD and optional external printer.
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Hemoglobin Analyzer

RC-W is a compact, easy and reliable HPLC system for hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) tests and simplifies diabetes testing by delivering accurate and clinically relevant results during patient visits to help physicians improve patient decision-making and diabetic patient compliance. It is designed for point-of-care settings such as diabetes clinics, doctor’s offices, wards and small labs.
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HPLC Hemoglobin Analyzer

The Hb NEXT reversed-phase cation exchange HPLC hemoglobin analyzer is designed to deliver precise and accurate HbA1c values in the presence of the main hemoglobin variants and to meet the most stringent guidelines for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. The fully automated system combines HPLC precision and variant detection with the rapid throughput that laboratories need and offers high performance, user-friendly steps, and no sample preparation.
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Haemostasis Analyzer
Haema TX

The Haema TX haemostasis analyzer enables fully-automated whole blood analysis by using “Thromboelastography” technology to provide physiological and comprehensive insights into patients’ haemostasis process, so as to guide blood transfusion and medication therapy, identify bleeding or thrombosis risks, etc. The completely hands-free, high throughput haemostasis analyzer allows up to 30 samples to be loaded at once and supports 50 minutes work-away.
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Haemostasis/CLEA Analyzer

The CN-3500 and CN-6500 are fully automated haemostasis analyzers teamed up with a CLEIA (chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) unit, forming an integrated device that runs all routine and speciality assays out of one sample. The integration of plasma-based immunologic assays into routine analyzer helps streamline sodium citrate sample workflow, save space, and simplify the management of instruments – all this with an equitable investment as labs do not need to purchase an additional instrument for the added measurement capability.
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Semi-Automated Coagulation Analyzer
Thrombo Fast+

The Thrombo Fast+ is a semi-automated two channel coagulation analyzer which enables duplicate tests to be run. Compact and easy to use, it is suitable for a wide variety of clotting assays and is ideal for all laboratories.
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6-Channel Viscoelastometry Analyzer

ClotPro is a six channel viscoelastometry analyzer, designed for the rapid analysis of whole blood coagulation. It offers a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility, and throughput (six channels for parallel testing). The system provides excellent correlation to conventional viscoelastometry analyzers. ClotPro offers nine tests, the established screening assays (EX-test, FIB-test, AP-test, IN-test, HI-test) and new assays for drug monitoring (RVV-test, ECA-test, TPA-test, NA-test).
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Point-Of-Care Anticoagulation Monitor
CoaguChek XS Plus System

The CoaguChek XS Plus system is a point-of-care anticoagulation monitor that offers connectivity and data management tools to help healthcare professionals manage PT/INR (blood clotting time) testing. It has CLIA-waived status which means that the monitoring technology may now be used in a broader range of clinical settings, such as labs that do not meet the requirements to perform moderate- or high-complexity testing as defined by the CLIA of 1988.
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Single Channel Coagulation Analyzer
Thrombo Read +

The Thrombo Read + is a very compact single channel coagulation analyzer for measuring all clotting assays. The instrument is very light weight and compact saving lab space but is extremely powerful and robust. The software provided is easy to use and there is a connection for an external printer. The analyzer can test; PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time and other Single Factors.
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Hemostasis Analyzer
STA R Max 3

The STA R Max 3 is a versatile analyzer that will adapt to any type of laboratory set-up, for an equivalent performance whether used alone or integrated into an automated track. It is supported by a range of reagents offering a comprehensive menu of routine and specialized tests, ensuring effective TAT (turnaround time) management. The STA R Max 3 has the largest sample, reagent and disposables capacity in its class, promising greater autonomy and effective STAT management. It is also equipped with STA Coag Expert, allowing it to validate results automatically and making it easier to manage quality control and specialized tests due to integrated expertise rules.
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Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

The ALTHEA is a smart and compact, random access automatic coagulation analyzer with a throughout of 60 t/h for PT and 50 t/h for PT and APTT. It offers 27 sample positions, 23 reagent positions and 72 cuvettes on board, and come with a user-friendly touchscreen interface.
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Automated Blood Cell Counter

The SDH-20 automated blood cell counter is fast and processes up to 67 samples per hour and reports up to 20 parameters. It uses just two reagents and performs analysis of blood samples collected in micropipettes. SDH-20 has an easy to use touch-screen and stores up to 1,000 results. It has a compact shape and modern design with its body made of stainless steel.
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