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Hematology Analyzers

Hematology Analyzers
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Hematology Workflow Solution

DIFF-Line by CellaVision is a new workflow solution for low-volume hematology laboratories that consists of three instruments for smearing, staining, and analyzing peripheral blood smears: CellaVision DC-1, RAL SmearBox, and RAL StainBox. The CellaVision DC-1 single-slide analyzer automates and digitizes the process of analyzing peripheral blood smears; RAL SmearBox produces high-quality peripheral blood smears; and RAL StainBox stains blood smears consistently and by laboratory guidelines. This range of mutually supportive devices helps small labs to establish a simple and semi-automated process for preparing and analyzing peripheral blood smears.
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Automated ESR Analyzer

The LENA EDTA is an automated analyzer for the determination of ESR directly in primary EDTA tubes using the same blood sample as hematology tests. It offers the cycle mode as well as random mode to meet different demands, and enables precise data collection every 10 seconds while also showing the sedimentation curve.
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Automatic Hematology Analyzer

BHA-3000 is a 3-part differential automatic hematology analyzer with 21 reportable parameters and is intended to count red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in blood samples. It adopts colorimetry to measure hemoglobin and calculate the relevant parameters of blood cells.
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Auto Hematology Analyzer

The BC-5800 auto hematology analyzer provides additional values for medium-sized labs, serving as a one-stop workstation and streamlining routine workflow with a high test speed of 90 tests per hour and touch screen operation. Responding to increased demands for high quality read-outs and accurate diagnostic decisions, it provides a reliable chemical dye method, complete 5-part differential menu and re-exam rule customization.
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5-Part Diff Hematology Analyzer

The MS-H660 is a 5-part differential hematology analyzer with CRP that uses latex-enhanced scattering immunoturbidimetry CRP. It has a throughput of 60 samples per hour with CRP results and requires a sample volume of only 20 uL.
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5-Part Hematology + CRP + SAA Analyzer

The DM79X is a 5-part hematology + CRP + SAA joint detection analyzer that offers eight test modes which can be automatically switched by barcode scanning along with joint detection for infection differentiation. It has a throughput of up to 90 tests per hour and requires only 20uL sample volume, making it ideal for high-end public or private hospitals, large general hospitals, and independent fever or infection clinics.
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5-Diff Auto Hematology Analyzer
X5 mate

The X5 mate is a 5-differential automated hematology analyzer that measures 25 parameters +4 research parameters, three histograms, six 2D scattergram, and one 3D scattergram. It has a throughput of 60 samples per hour and requires whole blood and pre-diluent blood samples as well as offers peripheral whole blood mode, making it suitable for pediatrics.
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Auto 3-Part Diff Hematology Analyzer
Celltac Alpha+ MEK-1303K

The Celltac Alpha+ MEK-1303K is an Automated 3-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer with CRP and HbA1c and has a throughput of 60 tests/hour for CBC+3-part differential. It delivers CBC and CRP test results in 3 minutes, 40 seconds and has a closed mode that helps lab workflow safety.
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3-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

The PE-6800 is a 3-part fully automated hematology analyzer that provides accurate results and has low sample consumption. The easy maintenance and environment-friendly system has a user-friendly interface and the perfect QC system.
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Automated Hemoglobin Analyzer

The H100 is a fully automated hemoglobin analyzer that uses the HPLC analytical technique, a gold standard of HbA1c detection, to deliver HbA1c result within 60 seconds without Hb variants interference. It provides an outstanding solution for quick and reliable diabetic monitoring while also allowing for in depth analysis of samples with hemoglobin variants by a simple mode change to β-Thalassemia program.
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3-Part Diff Hematology Analyzer
Aquarius 3

The Aquarius 3 three part differential IVD hematology analyzer for Complete Blood Count testing incorporates robust and trusted counting technology and is equipped with features to improve operability and connectivity, allowing it to adapt to diverse environments for the benefit of both customers and users alike. It features an 8” high resolution, color touch screen, making it clear and simple to operate, and is easy to use, flexible and suitable for a variety uses such as in doctor’s offices, low to mid‐size laboratories and other decentralized healthcare facilities.
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3-Part Hematology Analyzer

The DH21 is a 3-part hematology analyzer with a built-in thermal printer, lower reagent consumption, pulse base-line signal tracing technology, an 8.4 inches TFT touch screen and Wi-Fi function for LIS communication. It requires a sample volume of 9uL and has a throughput of up to 55 tests per hour along with internal memory for storing up to 200,000 records.
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Mini 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

The DF55 is a mini 5-Part Hematology Analyzer that uses the Flow cytometry (FCM) + Tri-angle laser scatter for WBC differentiation, the Impedance method for WBC, RBC and PLT test, and Cyanide free colorimetry for HGB test. It requires a 20 μL sample volume, has a throughput of up to 60 tests per hour and internal memory for the storage of up to 100,000 records.
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Auto 3-Diff Hematology Analyzer
ABX Micros 60

The ABX Micros 60 is a fully automated 3-part differential hematology analyzer used for in-vitro diagnostics testing of whole blood specimens, platelet PRP samples, and whole blood component concentrates. The 100% “hands-free” open/closed sampling system has a throughput of 60 samples/hour (open tubes) and 55 samples/hour (closed tubes), and features automatic sample probe cleaning and rinsing.
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Auto Hematology Analysis System

The BF-7200 automatic hematology analysis system can test for 29 parameters, 2 scattergrams and 2 histograms, 7 parameters, 1 scattergram and 1 histogram. It has a maximum throughput of 480T/H/CBD+DIFF 4 modules and comes with the prompt function of pathology and morphology abnormality alarm.
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