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Immunoassay Systems

Immunoassay Systems
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Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction System SMPE-960 is an in vitro diagnostic medical device, which integrates cutting-edge mechanical, electronic and software technologies to enable automated extraction of nucleic acids from samples with a modular structure - the equipment can extract nucleic acids from 1-96 samples in three independently operating modules at the same time. Each module consists of 1-32 samples so that samples can be tested upon delivery.
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Monocent Analyzer

Monocent Analyzer is an innovative open system with intuitive and user friendly software that can streamline lab workflow with easy loading, and fully automated processing. The compact, cost efficient instrument can read and report results for virtually any CLIA or ELISA assays, and comes in one and two plate formats.
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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
iFlash 1800

The iFlash 1800 is a bench-top chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer tailored for clinical labs and has a throughput up to 180 tests/hour. It offers more than 112 reagents, 50 sample position with STAT function and 20 refrigerated reagent positions (2-8℃).
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Amplitude Solution
Molecular Diagnostic Testing Solution

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution is a new, highly automated molecular diagnostic testing solution that can analyze up to 8,000 COVID-19 specimens in 24 hours, helping laboratories quickly scale COVID-19 testing. At the core of the Amplitude Solution is the Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19 kit, which consistently delivers superior sensitivity and specificity to detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
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Nucleic Acid Extractor

The Singu46 is a nucleic acid extractor that uses the magnetic bead method and unique extraction mode for easy and high efficiency of batch operation with a short extraction time of 9-18 minutes. The precise constant temperature control system and precise design of magnetic beads ensure high purity extraction while the extraction process is completed in a closed environment and disinfected aby ultraviolet lamp to avoid pollution.
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PCR System

The EntericBio® is a multiplex PCR system that is rapid, reliable and easy to use with no requirements for a nucleic acid extraction/purification step, processing 1 - 48 tests in less than three hours and up to 240 tests in under eight hours. The system provides a complete and flexible modular menu for the qualitative detection of gene targets such as bacteria, parasite, viral and antibiotic resistance targets direct from faecal specimens. It also features enhanced sample tracking capabilities coupled with customized analysis software to further simplify and enhance user experience. The system is in routine use in over 40 microbiology laboratories worldwide with a strong R&D pipeline.
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PCR Analyzer

Vivalytic is the easiest-to-use and most-comprehensive multiplex PCR platform on the market and provides the broadest range of test options ever seen for its size. Using Randox-patented Biochip Array Technology, the device also supports single-plex and low-plex testing, simplifying the processes for otherwise-complex laboratory test procedures.
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Immunoassay Analyzer
ACL AcuStar

The ACL AcuStar is the first specialty testing analyzer to offer full automation of highly sensitive immunoassays and uses advanced assay technology, complemented by end-to-end automation. It enhances simplicity and throughput, with uncompromised results and completes specialty testing in as little as 25 minutes.
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ELISA Processing System
EUROLabWorkstation ELISA

The EUROLabWorkstation ELISA provides fully automated processing of EUROIMMUN ELISA tests at a capacity of up to 15 plates per run. It is the highest throughput system on the market, processing more than 200 tests per hour. The instrument offers flexible loading of samples, reagents and dilution plates. Its 10 washable needles provide economical and precise pipetting. The automatic identification of patient samples, reagents, and dilution and ELISA plates ensures complete traceability. The system is easy to operate using the intuitive touch-screen user interface.
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CLEIA Analyzer

The CE marked LUMIPULSE G1200 is a robust mid-sized fully automated immunoassay instrument that uses a unique mono test cartridge concept and performs a true throughput of 120 tests per hour. A member of Fujirebio’s already widely successful LUMIPULSE G series, it provides outstanding flexibility and easy handling in hospitals and clinical laboratories.
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Auto DNA/RNA Extraction+qPCR System
LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR

The LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction+qPCR system for complete automation of molecular testing integrating DNA/RNA extraction, liquid-handling, and multi-channel real-time PCR. It enables users to achieve high quality multiplex gene detection with fast turnaround time, high throughput processing, and outstanding sensitivity.
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Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer
Shine i1000

The Shine i1000 Fully Automated CLIA Analyzer has a throughput of up to 120 tests per hour and provides the first result in less than 15 minutes. It combines incubation, washing and detection in an all-in-one innovative design and its small size with a weight of less than 38 kg makes it ideal for different settings.
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Immunohistochemistry Stainer
Autostainer Link 48

The Autostainer Link 48 immunohistochemistry stainer combines revolutionary software and connectivity options to deliver an outstanding level of integration that provides high productivity and efficient workflow. It ensures optimal staining results and offers a high slide and reagent capacity. It also saves space and centralizes slide programming by connecting up to three instruments and three PT Links to one computer.
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POCT Analyzer

ABSOL is a POCT analyzer that uses FIA (Fluorescence immunoassay) to quantitatively diagnose the concentration of biomarkers. It has a test time of only five minutes and features a vivid expressed GUI along with a convenient built-in printer.
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Immunoassay Analyzer

The ALTA AutoLYZER fully automatic immunoassay analyzer is controlled with intuitive proprietary software to perform all aspects of immunoassay analysis from protocol programming and execution, to data analysis and exportation. It consists of a pipette module, a wash module, an incubating module, a reading module, sample and reagent racks, and disposable tip racks.
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