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Immunoassay Systems

Immunoassay Systems
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Fully Automated Batch Immunoanalyzer

The Evidence+ is a fully automated batch immunoanalyzer for simultaneously detecting multiple drugs and drug metabolites from a single patient sample. It offers the world’s most advanced toxicology testing menu and is capable of analyzing an array of sample types including blood, urine, oral fluid and a range of forensic toxicology matrices.
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Enzymatic Chemiluminescence Analysis System

The Aura enzymatic chemiluminescence analysis system with one-click operation offers reliable results with small sample volume, all in a single monotest cartridge for each test. It enables automatic identification of assays by barcode on the reagent cartridge and offers six channels for random batch/tests.
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Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer
Getein 1100

Getein 1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer is used to measure the concentration of biomarkers in human whole blood, serum, plasma or urine samples. The results can be used as an aid in the clinical diagnosis of laboratory and point of care testing. It is applicable in emergency, clinical labs, outpatient departments, ICU, CCU, cardiology, ambulance, operating room, wards, etc.
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Chemiluminescent Analyzer

The BIO-FLASH is a fully automated, random access chemiluminescent analyzer for any autoimmune laboratory. It delivers enhanced workflow efficiencies, market leading ease-of-use and improved assay performance compared with existing enzyme-based systems. With on-board reagents and stored calibration curves, BIO-FLASH makes even the most specialized autoimmune tests efficient to perform.
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Real-Time PCR System
QuantStudio 12K Flex

The QuantStudio 12K Flex system is a highly flexible, comprehensive real-time PCR platform that leverages the best of Applied Biosystems real-time technology in a single instrument. It includes easy-to-change blocks that can accommodate OpenArray plates, TaqMan array cards, 384-well, 96-well, and FAST 96-well plates, allowing labs to select the format that is right for their project whether it's now or in the future, for maximum flexibility and consistency in research.
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Molecular Diagnostic System
Singuway 9600 Pro

The Singuway 9600 Pro molecular diagnostic system is specially designed for rapid nucleic acid testing needs in applied fields such as clinical, food, environmental and research. It is supported by highly sensitive fluorescence measurements made in real-time and can detect 16 samples at the same time.
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Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
iFlash 1200

The iFlash 1200 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer is an ideal workstation for low-mid volume testing laboratories, especially with limited floor space. Like the other members of the iFlash family, it shares the same product assortment and has a throughput of up to 120 tests/hour along with more than 120 available reagents.
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CLIA Analyzer

MAGLUMI X3 is a CLIA analyzer with a compact but comprehensive design that ensures excellent performance, such as the latest intelligent washing technology and bidirectional temperature control measurement. It has a maximum throughput of 200 tests per hour, 20 reagent positions, 72 sample positions and a single reaction cup with integrated packaging that avoids pollution and increases cuvette utilization.
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Immunoassay Analyzer

The CE marked RoboBlot™ is a closed system that offers fully automated processing of INNO-LIA® tests from sample pipetting to strip reading and LiRAS® interpretation, transforming tedious manual work into a completely automated throughput of high testing volumes, ensuring ease of use, chain of custody (Pos ID), and consistent performance.
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Fluorescent Immunoassay System

STANDARD F2400 is a fluorescent immunoassay system designed for easy and reliable measuring of diverse items. It provides LIS connectivity to the majority of existing information systems in a hospital and is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics or small to medium size labs.
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Immunochromatographic Analyzer

The INCLIX S700 is an immunochromatographic analyzer that provides immediate point-of-care testing (POCT) in clinical laboratories. It is designed for the quantitative and qualitative determination of analytes by capturing and analyzing the image of test result for lateral flow immunoassay. It facilitates automatic detection of various biomarkers for cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, cancer, diabetes, allergy, thyroid disease and etc. with high accuracy and sensitivity.
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Fully Automated ELISA/CLIA Analyzer

The MONOLYZE AX1100 is a fully automated ELISA and CLIA analyzer with a patented dual-function reader that automatically switches between absorbance and chemiluminescence reading. Microwell CLIA and ELISA assays occur on the same plate and reactions take place in standard plastic microwells/strips, opaque white for CLIA and transparent for ELISA.
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Fully Automated ELISA Workstation
EUROLabWorkstation ELISA

The EUROLabWorkstation ELISA is a fully automated complete solution for processing ELISA kits in laboratories with high sample throughput. The system focuses on efficiency and flexibility, in order to accommodate the ever increasing sample numbers and changing dynamics in the routine laboratory. Ten washable needles, complementary accessories and a separate robotic arm for handling the microplates enable unparalleled sample throughput. State-of-the-art, intuitive software guides the user graphically through all work steps.
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Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

The NE48/96 is a fully-auto nucleic acid extraction instrument equipped with a large touch screen and auto-ultraviolet disinfection module. Along with rapid heating/cooling and excellent extraction performance, it offers user-friendly operations and high convenience for the user.
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Automated ELISA-IFA-BLOT Processor

AP 22 IF BLOT ELITE is a fully automated system for ELISA and IFA and BLOT methods that can run two ELISA micro-plates with eight tests on line, 16 IFA slides or 24 BLOT strips. In addition to ELISA and IFA processing, it is able to carry out full automation for the Dot/Western Blot, thanks to the blot module and a camera, starting from sample dilution and dispense, reagent dispense, incubation, strip washing to the dot imaging processing and assessment for each strip.
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