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Electronic Pipettor

The EW-24500-06 electronic pipettor is easy to use with simple plain language menus reaching only three levels in depth for quick navigation, and a straightforward procedure that makes calibration in the lab a snap. Its pipetting functions include manual, automatic, reverse, stepped, mixing, stepped + sequence, pipette + mix, aspirate, and gel loading.
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Liquid Handling Solutions
TS 10

The TS 10 single-channel and the TM 10-8 eight-channel offer improved automated liquid handling performance of sub-microliter volumes. The 10-µL system is rounded off with a new 10-mL reservoir consumable for small dead volume and a dedicated thermo adapter for the epMotion reservoir rack.
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Pipetting System
Fit X1

The Fit X1 is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed to replace the manual process of PCR/qPCR sample preparation. It comes with four interchangeable standard microtiter plate/tip rack adapters and two interchangeable reagent vessel adapters, along with built-in PCR/qPCR setup protocols.
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Electronic Pipette
Repeater E3x

The Repeater E3x electronic pipette combines easy handling during dispensing with high-end applications, such as titration and aspirating of supernatants or sequential dilutions. It functions according to the positive displacement principle, making it capable of pipetting any liquid , while its motor-driven dispenser gives full volume control, improved accuracy, and reproducibility while reducing physical strain during use.
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Electronic Pipette

The CappMaestro is an electronic single channel pipette that offers advanced functions such as multi-dispensing, dilution and mixing, while allowing for easy navigation through the self-explanatory graphic user interface. It allows for easy storage of favorite protocols and switching between protocols, while its long-lasting lithium batteries enable hours of uninterrupted work.
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Ergonomic Pipette
CAPP Bravo

The CAPP Bravo provides balanced weight distribution for enhanced comfort during long periods of use. Features include a 3-year warranty, full autoclavability, and built-in oversized indicator for easy volume monitoring, precise adjustment, and positive indicator lock.
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