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Mechanical Pipette
Accumax Smart

The Accumax Smart pipette series performs flawlessly on all parameters facilitating high-end research. It offers extraordinary user efficiency, making daily pipetting effortless with unmatched precision.
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Accumax PRO

Accumax PRO pipette series is designed to offer optimum performance and precision with effortless handling, making it ideal for long hours of pipetting. Its intelligent design includes features such as one-hand tip ejection and light weight construction, offering exceptional comfort and convenience.
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Mechanical Pipette
FAB Pipettes

FAB Pipette is one of the safest and most ergonomic mechanical pipette, and requires lower insertion and ejection force for tips to attach and detach, thus reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury. Meeting the highest need for precision and accuracy, while providing flexibility via a high number of variants, FAB micropipette is remarkably light both in terms of weight as well as pipette force to avoid arm strain.
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Tips, Pasteur Pipettes and Serological Pipettes
PROMED Tips, Pasteur Pipettes and Serological Pipettes

PROMED pipette tips design guarantee a perfect hold on the micro pipette and the materials used are specifically chosen in order to completely avoid the presence of residual parts of the liquid on the surfaces. Pasteur pipettes are also an essential product, largely used in every laboratory, and they are the ideal solution for transferring and dosing the liquids in a precise and secure way. Serological pipettes are available in several graduations and configurations and are at the base of the daily work in hospital, examination, research and industrial laboratories; they are well known for their quality and reliability.
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Reagent Elimination Technology
Active Tip

The Active Tip technology is designed to eliminate reagent handling on the ClotPro analyzer. The reagents are present in a little sponge in the pipetting tip in dry form. During pipetting of the blood sample the reagents are transferred into the blood – simply and safely. Each active tip comes individually sealed with significant room temperature stability, preventing any reagent wastage.
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Motorized Repeating Pipette
HandyStep Touch

The HandyStep Touch motorized repeating pipette from BrandTech Scientific brings intuitive touchscreen control to pipetting. Its large color touchscreen display provides smart-phone like performance in a stepper pipette. All important features number of steps, aspiration and dispensing speed and more are readily visible and easily adjusted, even with gloves. It fits all standard type repeating tips. Automatic tip recognition of BRAND® PD-Tip™ II dispenser tips maximizes ease of use and minimizes error.
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Pipette Tips
Sapphire Pipette Tips

Greiner Bio-One’s new generation of Sapphire pipette tips offer perfect flexibility for laboratory liquid handling. The tips are made of medical polypropylene and benefit from a universal fit on most standard pipettes. They are available in standard, filter, low-retention and filter low-retention versions. By minimizing the adhesion of sample material on the inside of the tip, the low-retention surface ensures maximum precision, even with detergents and other viscous or complex samples. The filter tips reliably prevent the transfer of biological material and aerosols, without this negatively affecting the accuracy of the volume being pipetted.
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Single Channel Pipette
AHN pipet4u pro

The AHN pipet4u pro Single Channel Pipette comes with adjustable volume and fixed volume pipette, as well as a soft grip handle and light-pressure plunger designed to maximize user comfort and prevent repetitive strain injuries. It comes with a color-coded drop according to the volume of the micropipette and is extremely durable with high chemical resistance.
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Electronic Multichannel Pipette
AHN pipet4u Revolution

The AHN pipet4u Revolution Electronic Multichannel Pipette combines the simplicity of a manual pipette with the ultimate work efficiency of an electronic pipette. Along with an user-friendly interface, it offers functions, such as autocalibration that calibrates the pipette according to the specific solution being processed and a speed control system that allows users to pipette accurately and precisely, ensuring the reproducibility of results.
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MBS proprietary pipet tips are available for easy recovery of PCR-products from sealed microplates. These pipet tips are sharp and easily puncture aluminum backed or even polyester backed sealing films.
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Automatic Pipettor

The new Automatic-Sarpette can be used in combination with all serological pipettes from 0.1 to 100 ml. The pipette holder with graduated steps offers the perfect fit for each pipette. An ergonomic design, optimum weight distribution and one-handed operation support fatigue-free use even for prolonged pipetting. The pump speed is adjustable in three steps. The filling and dispensing speed can be controlled precisely and sensitively using the pipetting triggers. This allows large volumes to be pipetted quickly and efficiently and smaller volumes to be carefully controlled.
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Portable Electronic Pipette

The MINI 96 is a 96 channel portable electronic pipette for laboratories that want to fill 96 and 384 well plates faster and more precisely than is possible using traditional handheld pipettes while keeping under budget. As the world’s most affordable 96 channel option on the market, it enables simultaneous whole plate pipetting – as well as partial plate filling – to ensure that lab’s productivity skyrockets compared to 8 and 12 channel pipettes. Its tiny size and portability allow the instrument to be easily moved for use anywhere in the lab, from the LAFC to small work spaces on any lab bench.
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Pipetting Robot

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot for full workflow automation is designed to streamline routine pipetting tasks at an affordable price. Using INTEGRA electronic multichannel pipettes, the system automates pipetting tasks, eliminates physical strain and ensures superior reproducibility and error free pipetting.
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Electronic Pipette

The VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 meet the need for an affordable, compact, and easy to use pipette which greatly increases productivity and throughput, for a fraction of the cost of big and costly automated systems. By offering 10 unique pipetting heads in varying volume ranges (0.5 to 1250 ul) and number of channels (24, 96, or 384 channels), both VIAFLOs can handle the widest range of applications and volumes. These instruments offer an unparalleled flexibility by allowing filling plates either by hand or by using the hands-free automatic mode, with up to 3 deck positions for even more productivity.
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Automated Pipetting Solution

PIPETMAX is an automated pipetting solution for the efficient processing of high-throughput biological assays. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes in a benchtop size that easily fits into any lab. PIPETMAX, built upon PIPETMAN technology, helps to reduce costly technical replicates and helps maximize reproducibility by eliminating inconsistencies due to common pipetting errors. The automated system frees up time devoted to tedious pipetting jobs that improve lab productivity and lets you get to results faster.
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