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The NextPette variable volume pipettes are extremely light and ergonomic with a unique volume adjustment system that reduces the time and inconvenience associated with volume selection. The volume dial is uniquely positioned above the pipette handle, allowing for easy one handed adjustment with the user's thumb, while the volume display is located on the side of the pipettor that faces the user.
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PCR Cycler
AltoStar Detection

The AltoStar Detection completes the final part of the AltoStar Automation System AM 16 work flow with two units of the real-time PCR Cycler CFX96 Deep Well Real-Time Detection System-IVD (Bio-Rad). It offers sensitive detection for up to five targets and time-saving management via data import by using a barcode reader or via LIMS (AltoStar Connect Software).
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Pipetting Workstation Software
AltoStar Connect Software

The AltoStar Connect Software is used to operate the AltoStar Automation System AM16 and loads dialog guides through each loading step to ensure completeness of the setup procedure. The time-saving state-of-the-art controlling software can be connected to one or more real-time PCR instruments and offers automated selection of controls and standards.
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Robotic Pipetting Workstation
AltoStar AM16

The AltoStar AM16 is a robotic pipetting workstation for automated purification of nucleic acids and automated assay setup for in vitro diagnostic purposes. It can process all sample types in one run, analyze up to four pathogens from a single sample and combine up to eight Real-Time PCR assays on a 96 well plate.
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Mechanical Pipette
HPpette 2018

The HPpette 2018 mechanical pipette with air displacement has an excellent grip, is easy to use and offers a range of volumes from 0.5 µl to 5 ml. Other features include volume reading window visible on the side of the pipette, ejector button on the back for easy ejection and autoclavable tip cone.
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Digital Micro Pipettes

The V-Pipette autoclavable digital micro pipettes feature a built-in tip ejector, offer smooth and stepless setting, and are easy to maintain. Other features include variable volume, accuracy and precision, robust, light weight and compatibility with a wide range of tips.
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Pipette Tip

The ViscoTip can process liquids such as collagen with viscosities of up to 14,000 mPa*s precisely and quickly. Up to now, the limit of viscosity ranged between 200-300 mPa*s, roughly equivalent to the viscosity of 86% glycerol at 20 °C.
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Disposable Micropipettes
Disposable micropipettes

The Disposable micropipettes are fire polished to make the surfaces smooth on the inside and outside, and help protect the pipetting aid. They contain the stated volume when filled from one end to a ring mark, or from one end to the other.
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Pasteur Pipettes
Pasteur pipettes

The Pasteur pipettes made of PE-LD/PE-HD are disposable and offer very good reproducibility of the number of drops per milliliter. They can be filled and deep-frozen, or changed into a closed vessel by heat-sealing the tip, and are ideal for aliquots.
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Digital Pipette
Assipettor Digital

The Assipettor digital capillary piston pipette allows for volume fixing by locking lever, and can be adjusted and fixed using one hand. It is maintenance-free without the need for readjustment and allows for easy replacement of capillaries and tips.
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Electronic Pipettor

The EW-24500-06 electronic pipettor is easy to use with simple plain language menus reaching only three levels in depth for quick navigation, and a straightforward procedure that makes calibration in the lab a snap. Its pipetting functions include manual, automatic, reverse, stepped, mixing, stepped + sequence, pipette + mix, aspirate, and gel loading.
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Liquid Handling Solutions
TS 10

The TS 10 single-channel and the TM 10-8 eight-channel offer improved automated liquid handling performance of sub-microliter volumes. The 10-µL system is rounded off with a new 10-mL reservoir consumable for small dead volume and a dedicated thermo adapter for the epMotion reservoir rack.
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Pipetting System
Fit X1

The Fit X1 is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed to replace the manual process of PCR/qPCR sample preparation. It comes with four interchangeable standard microtiter plate/tip rack adapters and two interchangeable reagent vessel adapters, along with built-in PCR/qPCR setup protocols.
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Electronic Pipette
Repeater E3x

The Repeater E3x electronic pipette combines easy handling during dispensing with high-end applications, such as titration and aspirating of supernatants or sequential dilutions. It functions according to the positive displacement principle, making it capable of pipetting any liquid , while its motor-driven dispenser gives full volume control, improved accuracy, and reproducibility while reducing physical strain during use.
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Electronic Pipette

The CappMaestro is an electronic single channel pipette that offers advanced functions such as multi-dispensing, dilution and mixing, while allowing for easy navigation through the self-explanatory graphic user interface. It allows for easy storage of favorite protocols and switching between protocols, while its long-lasting lithium batteries enable hours of uninterrupted work.
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