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Platelet Aggregometer

The TA-8V is an easy-to-use platelet aggregometer that employs an optimized measurement system for platelet aggregation at an infrared wavelength which reduces interference from haemolysis, icterus or lipaemia. Flexible for multiple workloads, this 8-channel platelet aggregation system, including the instrument and reagents, is a complete system solution designed specifically for the diagnosis of platelet disorders.
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Molecular Thermocycler
Fast Track cycler

The Fast Track cycler is a compact molecular thermocycler that allows up to 10 thermocyclers to be connected to one computer and permits laboratories to utilize a range of 1 to 480 wells. It uses magnetic induction technology to deliver robust and reliable results, and does not require calibration, as a result of which it does not drift or age and offers simple handling.
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Protein Analyzer

The PA-990 is the fastest specific protein analyzer in the world with a test speed of 216 tests per hour and uses latex-enhanced nephelometry technology. It uses whole blood, serum and pre-diluted blood sample and features an 8-inch TFT touchscreen.
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Bottle-top Dispenser
Dispensette S Digital

The Dispensette S Digital bottle-top dispenser features a new discharge tube without a recirculation valve and a new valve system that does not require additional sealing rings for easier cleaning and preparations for autoclaving. It is ideal for dispensing aggressive reagents, including concentrated bases and acids such as phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, saline solutions, as well as many organic solvents.
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Fluorescence Scanner

The CheckScanner is a PC-controlled biochip fluorescence scanner for general laboratory use in combination with the CheckReportSoftware. It is designed to scan with high performance ready-to-use microarrays on HTA slides manufactured by Greiner Bio-One.
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Automated Slide Stainer
Aerospray Hematology Pro

The Aerospray Hematology Pro automated slide stainer can be adjusted to a wide range of staining requirements and has a short run time with slides ready for the microscope in five minutes to give superior results. Only fresh alcohol-based reagent is applied as an atomized spray on slides mounted in a rotating carousel, while specimens contact only fresh stain, precisely metered from separate spray nozzles to ensure accuracy.
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ELISA Plate Shaker-Incubator

The DIA4000 is an ELISA plate shaker-incubator that allows shaking and incubation simultaneously as from 18°C up to 32°C. Its key features include simultaneous shaking & incubation operation, buzzer indication upon completion of incubation and indication of remaining time.
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ELISA Washer
ELx 50

The ELx 50 is an automated microtiter strip/plate ELISA washer that offers a selection of wash programs by plate or strip. It features on-board software that allows for programmable aspiration time and final extra aspiration, and offers several wash options such as shaking, soaking, dispensing speed, crosswise aspiration and bottom wash.
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The Osmo1 is a single-sample micro-osmometer that offers ease of use, accurate and precise results, and the security and efficiency of electronic data management. It offers the flexibility of a 2- or 3-point calibration to satisfy CLIA calibration verification requirements and requires only 20 µL of sample, making it ideal for clinical laboratories that prefer to directly draw and test small sample volumes.
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Vedalab’s ELISA REAGENTS are enzyme linked immunosorbent assays for the detection of HBeAg, HBsAg, IgG, IgM, anti-HBc and HIV 1/2 antibodies to Hepatitis A in human serum or plasma.
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Test Reader
NG-Test Reader

The NG-Test Reader is a point of care diagnostic platform with unique multiplexing and quantitative abilities. It can detect Ab and Ag on a single test without cross reactions with the possibility to print up to 10 reagents on a single test strip and offers a wide detection range without dilution.
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IFT Slide Washer

The MERGITE! Is a fully-automated washer of IFT slides that offers guaranteed throughput by parallel washing of up to 50 substrate fields in approximately 40 seconds. It achieves high reproducibility with standardized washing processes using defined wash programs and prevents cross contamination by field-wise washing with directed liquid flows.
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Microplate Washer
BW 50

The BW 50 is a self-contained and programmable microplate washer that allows for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems. It can be delivered as pre-programmed for Biohit diagnostic kits and is suitable for EIA, FIA, RIA, DNA probe and cellular assays.
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Liquid Handling Station
Pipetting robot

The Pipetting robot is a liquid handling station that provides an easy entry into laboratory automation and can be used even for small or medium quantities of samples. Flexible in use, simple to operate and compact in size, it is ideal for research, routine applications, and education.
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Imaging Analyzer
Vision Hema Bone Marrow Ultimate

The Vision Hema Bone Marrow Ultimate is an imaging analyzer that automatically scans slides, identifies, pre-classifies and counts bone marrow cells, allowing a specialist to validate the results on a computer. Other features include database for archive management, remote access and network capabilities, and bi-directional communication with LIS.
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