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ELISA Washer
Alta ELISA Washer

The Alta ELISA Washer is an easy-to-use, reliable washer for all microplate ELISA applications featuring built-in two plate ELISA incubators with the ability to wash single strip of eight wells. It features state of the art versatile software for user programmable soak time, wash cycles and dispensing volume, making it ideal for use in laboratories, pathology departments, and hospitals for washing ELISA microplates.
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Blood Tube Rotator

The MSmix blood tube rotator gives gentle but effective mixing for up to 12 blood sample tubes from 200 µl to 5 ml. It holds up to 12 multi-tubes and has an adjustable rotating speed from 5 to 50 rpm.
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Microplate Washer
Zoom HT

The Zoom HT is a robust, easy-to-use microplate washer designed for high throughput and offers unmatched speed as a result of the one-rail design combining wash and stacking positions. It can process both 96 and 384 well microplates using the same wash head and its unique and self-emptying vacuum system provides constant flow rates.
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Positive Pressure Workstation

The RESOLVEX A200 is a positive pressure workstation that uses the proven Cavro syringe pump technology to accurately dispense solvents ranging from deionized water to hexane. Its programmable pressure profiles allow optimization of flow rates, reducing processing time and enabling reliable analyte recovery.
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Cap Piercing Workstation

The VERSA Cap Piercing Workstation is an automated liquid handling workstation designed to perform closed tube sampling and automate sample transfer protocols. Its underlying versatility allows the workstation to perform several generic liquid handling tasks such as serial dilution, plate reformatting and plate replication.
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Liquid Handling Workstation
VERSA 1100

The VERSA 1100 is an automated liquid handling workstation featuring a 15-positioned modular deck configuration with options such as magnetic bead vortex, shaker-heater-magnet elevator and ReagentDrop. Its optional independent Z-axis movement allows for working with samples of varying volumes, while its highly accurate liquid handling technology eliminates cross-contamination.
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PCR Cycler
Mastercycler X50

The Mastercycler X50 features heating rates of 10°C/s average, a touch screen interface, and fast connectivity to VisioNize software. The 96-well cycler is compatible with standard format consumables, and offers 2D-Gradient, which allows new expectations for yields and specificity of PCR.
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Critical Care Analyzer
Stat Profile Prime

The Stat Profile Prime offers a 10-test critical care menu, and has a throughput of up to 45 samples per hour. It delivers test results in 60 seconds, and is so compact that it can be located virtually anywhere in the hospital or operated on a mobile cart with a battery backup.
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Liquid Based Cytology Solution

The EASYPREP is a liquid-based cytology specimen collection, preservation and automated slide preparation system that produces standardized thin layer slides with cervical cytology specimens and other non-gynecologic cytology specimens. Its continuous sample loading capacity reduces hands-on time, and it maximizes the productivity of pathology lab by automating all the steps for preparing slides for liquid based Pap test as well as non-gyn cytology.
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Automated Photometer
StarDust MC15

The StarDust MC15 automated photometer simultaneously processes a multi-cuvette strip to allow the reading of 15 endpoint chemistries in one minute or 15 kinetic chemistries in four minutes. It requires only sample and reagent pipetting and is easy to handle due to its integrated incubation, automated mixing, measuring and documentation.
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Automated Sample Processor

The AFT3000 is an automated sample processor that can run up to nine slides at once and includes an on-board barcode reader that automatically reads the sample barcodes for ease of use. It comes standard with a Plexiglas cover to offer increased protection while the assays are being processed and requires minimal bench space.
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Blood Culture Holder
VACUETTE Blood Culture Holder + Luer Adapter

The VACUETTE Blood Culture Holder + Luer Adapter is used for a connection with a female Luer system in order to collect venous blood in blood culture bottles and / or evacuated blood collection tubes. Its normed male Luer adapter ensures that it fits all other normed female Luer connectors and can be used with various size blood culture bottles and blood collection tubes.
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Cartridge Disc
Ceftaroline 30UG Cartridge Disc

Both Ceftaroline 30UG and Ceftaroline 5UG are available in the company’s AST stock range under the product codes CPT30C and CPT5C, respectively. Ceftaroline (Zinforo) manufactured by AstraZeneca is a novel cephalosporin used in the treatment of both skin and soft tissue infections, and has also been used successfully in the treatment of complicated skin infections.
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Cart Disc
Ceftolozane/tazobactam 40UG Cart Disc

The Ceftolozane/tazobactam 30/10 C/T40C antibiotic susceptibility test discs determine bacterial antibiotic susceptibility in the treatment of infectious diseases. The discs are strictly quality controlled for antimicrobial potency and batch uniformity to suit EUCAST, CLSI, BSAC and other laboratory standard recommendations, and are available in a stock cartridge format.
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Antibiotic Disc Dispenser
DiscMaster 4

The DiscMaster 4 antibiotic disc dispenser has been reengineered to optimize the performance of dispensing Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (AST), Combination and Identification discs within the Mastdiscs range. It is available in a six-place format in line with the EUCAST disc diffusion methodology and offers an in-use shelf life of four weeks for all antimicrobials, including the carbapenem group.
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