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Lite Image Analysis Module

The LIAM (Lite Image Analysis Module) is a portable scanning module that is specifically designed to quantify results from a VerOFy Rapid, Oral Fluid Test. The battery-powered, light, hand-held module integrates a special analyte identification system that identifies the type of analytes being tested when the VerOFy device is inserted.
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Oral Fluid Test Platform
VerOFy Rapid

The VerOFy Rapid, oral fluid test platform combines rapid and standardized saliva (oral fluid) collection with high quality immunochromatographic test strips for delivering immediate results in field or point-of-care locations.
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POC Diagnosis System

The RapiPlex is a point-of-care diagnosis system based on a set of proprietary technologies capable of producing quantitative and qualitative laboratory quality test results. It comprises a disposable assay cartridge and a small table top instrument, making it possible to transition complex immunoassays from the centralized reference laboratory to a doctor’s office or patient’s bedside.
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Liquid Base Cytology System

The Cellside is a Liquid Base Cytology (LBC) system that is designed to prepare standardized reproducible thin layer Gyn-cytological preparations. It enables optimum cell preservation and visualization and easy sample preparation and produces easy-to-read slides with highly consistent results.
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Thin Llayer Processor
EZ Cyto

The EZ Cyto thin layer processor can perform four tests in 30 seconds, bringing a throughput of more than 240 tests per hour. It features 8μm membrane filtration to ensure thin-layer slide and allows direct input sample to the finish slide, without any pre-treatment or intermediate steps.
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The POCcelerator Data Management System helps operationalize workflow with an open POC Ecosystem environment that accepts devices from over 40 manufacturers. It allows central monitoring of all connectable point-of-care testing (POCT) devices to streamline IT infrastructure, manage operator competency, increase efficiency, and enable continuous quality improvement.
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Atellica® Inventory Manager

The Atellica® Inventory Manager provides fully automated, real-time inventory control of reagents/consumables across multiple lab locations to reduce costs, save time, and improve quality.
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Atellica® Data Manager

The Atellica® Data Manager leverages 20+ years of experience in digitalizing laboratory best practices to deliver open, scalable, next-generation software with powerful features and easy navigation to help standardize testing, enhance quality control, and streamline result management.
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Atellica® Process Manager

The Atellica® Process Manager provides data-driven insights to help labs control and optimize their workflow. With over 10 standard reports available right out of the box—including TAT, reagent efficiency, and automation utilization—it allows labs to better balance system workloads and track real-time KPIs to determine and correct errors that cost time and money.
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ELISA Plate Washer

The CAPPWash ELISA plate washer is available in an 8-channel, 12-channel and 16-channel version, as well as in form of a 6-channel TubeWash - manual washer for 12x75mm test tubes. Made of high-grade stainless steel and polypropylene that makes it fully autoclavable and highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, it does not require any programming or electrical wiring connections.
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The Clini5 analyzer can perform 19 assays and ratios covering primary care testing requirements, including lipids, hematology, liver function, oxidative stress and uric acid, among others. It allows up to five assays to be performed at the same time and features a 7-inch touch screen with a user-friendly interface, fast track, intuitive interface and communication.
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Quantum Blue Reader

The Quantum Blue Reader is designed to analyze colorimetric tests by reflectometry, with its fast and precise scanning enabling detection of quantitative results depending upon the rapid test and/or the configuration of the device. The mobile reader is powered by rechargeable batteries or with the external power supply and stores data automatically, including measuring time, date, user ID, patient ID, raw data, etc.
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Stool Extraction Device

The CALEX Cap is the first and only stool extraction device suitable for safe air and land transportation, offering an efficient, convenient and hygienic extraction of stool samples. In addition to offering stability of the extracts for three days at room temperature, it is fully compatible with total laboratory automation (TLA) solutions, increasing the speed of sample processing and reducing hands-on time.
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Refurbished Centrifuges
Centrifuges – Refurbished

Block Scientific offers a comprehensive range of refurbished centrifuges from all the top manufacturers such as Beckman, IEC, Sorvall, and Clay Adams. All of its refurbished centrifuges come backed with the company’s warranty and hands-on customer service.
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Refurbished Histology Equipment
Histology Equipment – Refurbished

Block Scientific specializes in providing topnotch refurbished histology equipment from leading manufacturers such as Miles Laboratories Inc., now a subsidiary of Bayer Corporation. All of its refurbished histology equipment comes backed with the company’s warranty and hands-on customer service.
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