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ELISA Mixer/Incubator

The MONOZYME AX9200 is an ELISA mixer/incubator that holds two 96-well microplates and features a digitally-controlled eight-speed mixer with orbital mixing from 575 to 1500 rpm. Compact and easy to operate, its digital timer controls mixing or can be operated independently, solely as a timer.
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Haemostasis Laboratory Management System

Coag.One middleware solution is a unique centralized system that is revolutionizing the operational efficiency of Haemostasis laboratory management. It offers the highest level of standardization thanks to its auto-validation rules and Coag algorithms, which offer the analytical guidance and support needed to make the right decisions. Coag.One improves productivity by centralizing data within a single interface. Laboratories benefit from an advanced and centralized management tool, allowing them to monitor their key performance indicators and control quality to achieve near-perfect processing times.
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Automated Strip Processor

The AUTOBLOT 3000H instrument for complete automation of Reverse Line Blot protocols has a heated platform (for genotyping), magnetic stirrer, and heated bottle plate for hybridizations and stringent washes that require heat. The 3000H comes standard with six pumps. The 3000H is fully programmable from the front panel and stores up to ten user-defined protocols within the unit, allowing for full customization of blot assays for dispense, incubation, and aspiration. Dispense volumes, incubation times, rock speed, and platform temperature can be programmed in any combination within a protocol.
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The COVID-19-CHECK-1 EASY READER+ can be used in combination with immunochromatographic rapid tests for the quantitative detection of anti-spike (S1) IgM and IgG antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It can detect and quantify IgM and IgG antibodies to the spike SARS-CoV-2 protein produced after virus infection in human serum, plasma or finger prick whole blood samples.
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Liquid Handling Platform
Agilent Bravo

The Agilent Bravo is a flexible liquid handling platform that automates sample preparation for screening applications such as compound management, cell-based assays, and biochemical assays. With this robotic liquid handling system, time is freed up and consistent data are achieved across samples and users. The compact liquid handler can be easily placed on a small bench and fits in a flow hood. With more than 60 accessories ranging from heater/cooler to shaker, the system can be tailored to automate most sample preparation protocols.
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Saliva Collection Kit
SpeciMax Raw Saliva Collection Kit

The SpeciMax Raw Saliva Collection Kit enables safe, cost-effective SARS-CoV-2 surveillance testing with a universal kit that fits within existing workflows and saves time and space over current, non-standardized collection methods. It is optimal for raw saliva collection as it can be self-administered with its medical grade packaged convenient funnel tube and cap. The kit contains a 6mL bar coded collection tube that seamlessly fits into current automation racks, thus saving time and space.
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Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Nucleic Acid Extraction System (SSNP-2000B)

SSNP-2000B Nucleic Acid Extraction System produced by Bioperfectus is a laboratory medical device, which integrates new technologies such as machine, electricity and computer software to enable automatic nucleic acid extraction of 32 samples maximumly in one time. High quality viral nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are extracted and purified from serum, plasma, urine, virus culture medium, nasal (pharyngeal) swab or vaginal swab samples through magnetic beads and buffer system. The purified nucleic acid can be used in routine scientific research, genomics, disease control, food safety, forensic medicine, molecular biology experiments, etc.
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Real-Time PCR Detection System
PowerGene 9600 Plus

The CE marked PowerGene 9600 Plus Real-Time PCR detection system features a specially-made Ferrotec Peltier, advanced fiber optic technology, a new global wide-range power supply, the unique patented block dissipation technology and bottom detection mode, that help it provide better heating/cooling rate, temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability. The design of 5 channel detection covers the whole fluorescence detection wavelength and the PowerGene 9600 Plus has a high speed of dual-color scanning. The newly-designed automatic hot-lid without manual operation ensures constant pressure for various tube heights.
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Preanalytical System

The ACCELERATOR p540 automatic preanalytical system reduces the opportunities for errors and boosts lab efficiency by automating preanalytical activities. It automates primary tube accessioning, decapping, aliquoting, sorting and centrifugation to improve workflow efficiency for laboratories limited by space or budget.
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Quality Management Software

The iQM2 is an intelligent quality management software that provides intelligent analyzing—automated quality assurance with every sample, continuously and in real-time. The error detection time is reduced from hours to minutes and errors are automatically corrected and documented for a complete picture of quality.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
Stat Profile Prime

The Stat Profile Prime® CCS Analyzer for critical care testing measures pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, Cl, iCa, Glu, Lac and Hct in 60 seconds by combining the revolutionary microelectronics of the consumer world with Nova Biomedical’s innovative MicroSensor Card™ technology for a smaller, faster, more powerful yet simpler and less expensive analyzer. Stat Profile Prime’s unique cartridge system consists of individual cartridges for sensors, calibrators, and liquid quality control (QC) to offer a significant benefit in analyzer uptime compared to combined sensor/calibrator cartridge systems.
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Patient Registration Software
KAYA17's Patient ID Software

KAYA17 has designed a patient registration software that gathers patient information and generates a unique patient QR code that is applied to their sample tube and cartridge used to process their COVID-19 test sample. The software can also receive this information from a QR code from a patient portal app.
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Remote Lab Review Software
CellaVision Remote Review Software

The CellaVision Remote Review Software gives remote users access to processed slides and makes it possible to review and verify cell differentials from anywhere, anytime. By enabling remote database access, the software improves communication and collaboration between colleagues and makes it possible for morphology experts to access differentials remotely and provide consultation immediately. When implemented together with CellaVision hardware and supporting applications, the CellaVision Remote Review Software removes restrictive geographical constraints from the smear review process, enabling laboratories to work smarter and perform better.
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Liquid Transport Medium
Opti-Swab 1ml Liquid Amies Transport Medium w/ 6" Elongated Flock Swab

The Opti-Swab 1ml Liquid Amies Transport Medium w/ 6" Elongated Flock Swab is a ready-to-use transport system for the collection and transport of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria. The advanced kit with an easy to use and reliable design is used in bacterial culture, rapid tests, gram staining, automation and molecular testing.
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Slide Stainer / Cytocentrifuge
Aerospray Hematology Pro Series 2

The Aerospray Hematology Pro Series 2 automated slide stainer can be adjusted to meet a wide range of staining requirements of any hematology laboratory and has a short run time with slides ready for the microscope in five minutes to deliver superior results. Only fresh alcohol-based reagent is applied as an atomized spray on slides mounted in a rotating carousel and specimens contact only fresh stain, precisely metered from separate spray nozzles to ensure accuracy.
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