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Urine Analyzer
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Urine Strips Reader

The DARA urine strips reader is an essential tool for clinical urinanalysis featuring a CFC color light-to-frequency converter and LCD display. It offers a throughput of 60 samples/hour, internal calibration, user interface via keyboard and thermal graphics printer.
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Urine Sediment Analyzer

The EH-2080 urine sediment analyzer provides whole view field microscopic images using classical morphology detection, machine vision (MV) applied with DIF and CPTR technology. Its reportable parameters include different types of formed elements in the urine sample and the efficient self-maintenance system offers automatic counting chamber cleaning and probe rinsing.
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Desktop Urine Analyzer

The MONOZYME TX2000 is a desktop urine analyzer designed to read Monocent's proprietary urinalysis strips. The instrument is intended to be used together with the Monocent Urine Reagent Strips as a system for semi- quantitative detection of Microalbu- min, Creatinine, Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite and Leukocytes in urine. It uses a touch screen to display user options, results, settings and diagnostics. All user input occurs via touch screen, though a barcode.
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Urine Chemistry Control

The Dropper urine chemistry control is used to monitor the performance of routine and stat urine chemistry assay methods. Designed for use with most major chemistry analyzers, its easy-to-use dropper bottle provides simple dispensing and maximum use.
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Urinalysis System

The MUS-3600 urinalysis system features four formed element modules that incorporate two urine analysis modules and has a throughput of up to 480 T/H (for hybrid). It allows up to 580 urine samples to be loaded at one time and features a friendly design with one-key QC & calibration function.
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Semi-Automatic Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Uri-Tex is a semi-automatic urine chemistry analyzer to be used with Cormay urinalysis strips that locates the strip and the pads, reads the color data, and determines the parameter values. The intuitive device operation makes analysis easy and allows for the fast determination of multiple chemical compounds in urine.
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Auto Urine Microscopy Analyzer
DxU Iris Microscopy Series

The DxU Iris Microscopy Series Automated Urine Microscopy Analyzer includes the DxU 840m Iris, with a throughput of 70 samples per hour or the DxU 850m Iris, with a throughput of 101 samples per hour. The instruments deliver faster turnaround times and accurately standardize results by reducing manual intervention.
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Urine Sediment Analyzer

The AUTION EYE AI-4510 urine sediment analyzer is the reliable "Eye" that automatically provides urine sediment test data by using software image analysis to examine images of formed elements inside urine samples. It has a compact design, allowing for installation even in labs with limited space, and its operation screen which displays the test results has been designed with operability in mind.
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Automated Urine Analyzer

The AUTION MAX AX-4060 fully automated urine analyzer has succeeded in almost completely removing the potential problems of sample contamination and dilution with cleaning fluid and in achieving 100% performance of the reagent. The qualitative urine chemistry analyzer can be connected with AUTION EYE AI-4510 for urine sediment analysis, providing total support for a full set of procedures and thereby, streamlining lab work flows - contributing even more to the improved efficiency of testing operations.
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Portable Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The UNAMAX ONE is a compact and portable urine chemistry analyzer on which three different types of strips can be tested and special parameters such as ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin and calcium can be determined. It can also calculate the albumin-to-creatinine ratio to identify kidney disease, making it an ideal point-of-care solution for the doctor’s office, emergency room and smaller laboratories.
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Semi-Auto AI-Libre Urinalysis Analyzer

The US-500 is the world’s first semi-automatic AI-Libre urinalysis analyzer featuring a compact two-in-one design that uses CNN and deep learning technology. It enables automation of microscope with raw big pictures, making it the ideal choice for small and medium size laboratories.
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Auto Urinary Sediment Analyzer

The EH-2030 fully automatic urinary sediment analysis system provides whole view field microscopic images with reportable parameters including different types of formed elements in urine sample. It uses intelligent image processing technology to ensure clarity of image and guarantee throughput and features an efficient self-maintenance system, including automatic counting chamber cleaning and probe rinsing.
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Semi-Auto Urine Test Strip Analyzer
HTI CL-50 Plus

The HTI CL-50 Plus is a semi-automatic urine test strip analyzer with a throughput of 60 strips/hour (single strip) and 120/strips per hour (continuous) and a test time of 60 seconds. It has a user-friendly design along with easy access to menus, result data review and a small footprint, and internal memory for storage of 1000 test results.
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Clinical Diagnostic Urine Analyzer

The MUS-9600 clinical diagnostic urine analyzer has a throughput of up to 120 T/H (hybrid), 240 T/H (chemical), and 120 T/H (formed elements). The benchtop urine analyzer supports cap piercing and its One Key QC allows labs to say goodbye to tedious steps.
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Urine Analyzer

The R-600S urine analyzer offers outstanding accuracy, easy operation with colorful touch screen, continuous and fast processing with urine test strips, self-system check, auto-calibration, and connectivity as well as enhanced quality control management. It provides maximum efficiency by fulfilling the requirements of small & large laboratories and clinics.
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