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Ready-to-use kits for analysis

Ready-to-use kits for analysis
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Urine Test Strip
QDx Urine DS 4 MAU

The QDx Urine DS 4 MAU urine test strip detects glucose, protein, ketones and microalbumin in urine at the same time, thereby enabling complete screening in diabetic nephropathy. Free from ascorbic acid and high temperature interference (no false negative results), it allows all the parameters to be read at the same time, thus avoiding perception bias.
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ELISA Assay Test

Bioelisa reagents are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed to fulfill the requirements of clinical laboratories and blood banks in infectious disease diagnosis. Based on peroxidase enzyme-linked immunoassay and covering a full panel of assays, the Bioelisa product line includes Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis E, HIV-1+2 Ag/Ab, HTLV I+II, Syphilis, Toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex, Chagas and Helicobacter pylori assays.
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Immunoassay Test Kit
Hema-Screen Lab Pack

The Hema-Screen Lab Pack is designed to collect and test specimens for signs of Occult Blood - an early sign of colorectal cancer. The assay is performed in the laboratory and utilizes on-slide positive and negative monitors to provide results in two minutes.
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HIV Test Kit
HIV Screening Kit

The ELISA based kits for HIV screening is a new 4th generation assay for the simultaneous detection of HIV-1 antibodies, HIV-2 antibodies and HIV-p24 antigen, in human serum and plasma. The complete panel of CE-approved Hepatitis range provides every blood bank professional with confidence and assured screening of every sample.
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Immunoassay Test Kits
Latex-enhanced TIA

The Latex-enhanced TIA (latex-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassays) for specific serum proteins provides rapid and highly accurate results on most automated clinical chemistry analyzers. Through the use of well-selected latex particles and antibodies (antigens), all assays possess excellent sensitivity and specificity, comparable to other methodologies with dedicated instruments.
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Isothermal Amplification Kit

The MAST ISOPLEX DNA Lyo is a ready to use isothermal amplification kit that uses Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technology and is presented in a convenient lyophilised format. The isothermal reaction conditions of the MAST ISOPLEX DNA Lyo method allow for the continuous amplification of target genes, rather than being restricted to short periods of amplification as seen in PCR cycling, thereby allowing for the amplification of much larger quantities of nucleic acids in a shorter reaction time (109–1015 within 5-40 minutes).
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Hemoglobin Assay Kit

The MAK115 hemoglobin assay kit is based on the improved Triton/NaOH method in which hemoglobin is converted to a colorimetric product measured at 400 nm and has a linear detection range between 0.9-200 mg/dL in the 96 well plate assay. It is compatible with high-throughput handling systems and can be adapted for use with cuvettes, making it suitable for the detection of hemoglobin in a variety of samples such as blood, serum, plasma, and urine.
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PCR Detection Kit

The VIASURE MERS Coronavirus RT-PCR kit is designed for specific identification of MERS-CoV in clinical samples. The detection is done in a one-step real-time format where the reverse transcription and the subsequent amplification of specific target sequence occur in the same reaction well.
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Immunoassay Test

The sTNFR1 EIA is a 4.5 hour solid phase quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay test based on the sequential addition of sample, polyclonal anti-human sTNFR1 antibody-enzyme conjugate and colorimetric substrate to microplate wells coated with anti-human sTNFR1 monoclonal antibody. The assay is calibrated against a highly-purified E. coli-expressed recombinant human sTNFR1 protein corresponding to the N-terminal ectodomain.
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Immunoassay Test

The HDL-EX (N) is an assay test that uses a homogenous method for the direct testing of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)-C levels in serum and plasma, and is intended for use on automated chemistry analyzers. The assay consists of two steps and uses a well-characterized and specially selected surfactant that specially decomposes HDL particles, but not other lipoproteins.
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Turbidimetric Immunoassay Test

The CysC-Latex is an easy-to-use latex-based Turbidimetric Immunoassay Test for the accurate measurement of Cystatin C in blood and can be used in various automated clinical chemistry analyzers. The test uses latex particles coated with anti-human Cystatin C which form a complex with the Cystatin C present in a blood sample (serum or plasma).
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Newborn Screening Test
CFcheck DE-31

The CFcheck DE-31 Kit detects the 31 CF mutations that are for example recommended for German newborn screening corresponding to enactment of GBA published in August 2015. The kit combines high sensitivity with easy handling and velocity.
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ELISA Test Kit
Treponema-Total Antibodies kit

The Treponema-Total Antibodies kit is meant for the qualitative determination of IgG, IgA and IgM (total Ab) to Treponema pallidum (T. pallidum) in human serum, plasma and liquor. The ELISA kit is available in four kit sizes of 96,192,480 and 960 wells and has a shelf life of 12 months.
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In Vitro Diagnostic Test
QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT) Kit

The QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT) Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test that aids in the detection of M. tuberculosis infection. QFT is an interferon γ (IFNγ) release assay (IGRA) which measures the cell-mediated response to specific TB antigens in whole blood.
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Bilirubin Assay Kit

The MAK126 bilirubin assay kit is based on the Jendrassik-Grof method and utilizes the reaction of bilirubin with diazotized sulfanilic acid, resulting in a colorimetric product measured at 530 nm, proportionate to the bilirubin present in the sample. It is compatible with high-throughput handling systems and can be adapted for use with cuvettes, making it suitable for the detection of both total and conjugated bilirubin in serum and plasma samples.
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