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DNA/RNA Extraction System
Genesis S1000

The Genesis S1000 is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction system with the flexibility of processing 1-12 samples per run, making it tailor-made for small clinics and early stage laboratories. By occupying minimal counter space and greatly reducing technician manhours, this series allows organizations to operate facilities in a much more cost effective fashion.
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Information Management Software
GEMweb Plus 500

The GEMweb Plus 500 information management software provides complete control of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) process from a single dashboard. It offers enhanced mobility with accessibility from tablet devices, in addition to any networked analyzer or PC, with support for integration with hospital information systems, laboratory information systems and electronic medical records.
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RNA Purification System
Taigen VacEZor

The Taigen VacEZor enables direct binding and washing steps on a vacuum manifold without having to repetitively load spin columns on the centrifuge and discard the waste. It is designed for filtration-type DNA/RNA purification with low-to-medium throughput (36-sample capacity).
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Lab Reagents

The STA-Edoxaban Calibrator/STA-Edoxaban Control reagents enable the quantitative determination of edoxaban plasmatic concentration. Specific, stable, and fully automated, it allows measurement in various settings such as prior to surgery or in emergency situations.
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Microplate Processor
Stratec Gemini

The Stratec Gemini is designed for low-throughput applications and features an absorbance reader with up to eight different filters. It provides single- or dual-wavelength reading, offers scheduling of up to three plates, and has a loading capacity of up to 192 samples with continuous loading.
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Electrolyte Analyzer

The XI-1021A supports two modules working at the same time, with a measuring speed of 360 tests per hour and up to 80 positions for each tray. It features an LCD color touch screen with interactive menu that offers real-time display of the running status of the sample tray.
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Vitamin D2/D3 Analyzer

The VD-200 UHPLC analyzer features high sensitivity with special D-UV-Detector developed for VitD2/D3 with LOQ : 0,9 ng/mL, and direct LIS data transfer from automated reading to result. The low maintenance system offers a test capacity of 240 tests in 12 hours.
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Anaerobic Jar System
Anoxomat III

The Anoxomat III features a new jar design that is easier to use and more secure, providing flexibility for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and lab space. The system can create exact and repeatable environmental conditions with low gas consumption, offering substantial cost savings.
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Specimen Processing System

The LabFLEX2600 pre-analytical specimen-processing / aliquoting system is a space-saving, all-in-one system. It handles pre-analytical specimen processing – from specimen arrival checks, de-capping, aliquoting and labeling of the daughter specimen containers, to external transport.
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Thermostatic Water Bath
Thermostatic Water Bath

The digital thermostatic water bath includes stainless steel bare metal parts capable of full immersion. Other features include fully electronic wear-free temperature control with digital display, and plexiglass tank. A cooling coil and connection for external use are also available as spare parts.
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PCR System

The FilmArray System offers user-friendly multiplex PCR with incorporated sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis all in one system. The five panels test for viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast and antimicrobial resistance genes, with accurate results in about an hour.
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Laboratory Software
FilmArray Link Software

The FilmArray Link Software provides the FilmArray System with the ability to interface with a laboratory information system (LIS), allowing for test results to be electronically transferred after completion of the sample run. FilmArray LIS-interfacing capabilities enable quicker turnaround times and increased accuracy by minimizing manual data entry, while the software optimizes laboratory workflow and ensures efficient data management.
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PCR System
Exicycler 96 (Ver.4)

The Exicycler 96 (Ver.4) features sensitive optics by light polarization, improved thermal block ramp rate, and minimization of Ct variation. It can be used for gene detection, quantification of gene expression, pathogen detection, genotype analysis, and genetic disease detection.
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Hemoglobin Testing System

The VARIANT II features positive specimen identification, LIS interface, and complete, ready-to-use test kits for precise, accurate results. The multi-analyte system requires no sample prep and very little hands-on time, and is NGSP-certified, and CE-marked.
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POCT Analyzer

The mLabs platform includes the mLabs ImmunoMeter and mLabs disposable microfluidic cartridges. The compact POCT system helps diagnose various cardiac diseases within minutes, including DVT, PEs, stroke, sepsis, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and angina.
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