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Sample Storage Lock Box

The SampleSafe lockbox keeps blood specimens safe for testing in both hot and cold temperatures to ensure they remain viable for four or more hours. It offers hours of specimen protection without a cold pack, and protection for up to 24 hours with it, making it suitable for protecting sensitive blood samples from damages caused by temperature extremes.
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ESR Analyzer
Excyte Mini

The Excyte Mini comes with 10 positions and 30-minute test time, and can perform up to 20 sed rate tests per hour. Other features, such as random access and closed tube testing, make the sed rates and quality control easier to run, and ensures safety of laboratory staff.
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Laboratory Software
FilmArray Link

The FilmArray Link Software allows the FilmArray System to interface with an LIS, allowing test results to be electronically transferred. The LIS-interfacing capabilities enable faster turnaround and increased accuracy, while the software optimizes workflow and ensures efficient data management.
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HbA1c/Variant Analyzer

The HB-100 uses the ion-exchange HPLC method (Gold Standard) to deliver rapid and accurate results for HbA1c and HbF in just 90 seconds. It performs direct analysis from the collection tube, does not require any incubation time, and is compatible with LIS and other lab data systems.
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Anaerobic Jar System
Anoxomat III

The Anoxomat III features a new jar design that is easier to use and more secure, providing flexibility for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and lab space. The system can create exact and repeatable environmental conditions with low gas consumption, offering substantial cost savings.
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DNA/RNA Extraction System

The GENESIS M2400 DNA/RNA extraction system offers the flexibility of processing 1-24 samples per run, making it ideal for laboratories requiring nucleic acid purification of small- to middle-sized sample throughputs.
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The LIAISON MDX is an innovative and powerful thermocycler with two consumable disc options: the 8-well Direct Amplification Disc for sample-to-answer testing and the 96-well Universal Disc for higher volume testing. Supported by an expanding menu of molecular assays, it is flexible enough to run real-time PCR for qualitative, quantitative and multi-analyte detection, and can perform both IVD as well as laboratory developed tests.
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Real-time Thermal Cycler

The LIAISON IAM is a small and exceptionally robust instrument developed specifically to support the isothermal Q-LAMP technology for amplification of nucleic acids. It delivers rapid, comprehensive and highly reliable results to aid the molecular diagnosis of leukemia at disease onset, and improve laboratory workflow and decision-making on patient care.
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Racks Refilling System

Fastrak is a unique, eco-friendly system for rapid refilling of racks with minimal packaging and waste, and are designed to fit a wide range of pipettes, which simplifies tip sourcing for the laboratory. Each batch of tips is thoroughly tested on pipettes for which they are designed to be used, ensuring accuracy and precision with your pipette, time after time.
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PCR Detection System
LineGene 9600 Plus

The LineGene 9600 Plus is a real-time PCR detection system with a large sample capacity, wide temperature range and multi-channels. It has a capacity of up to 96 samples and provides a brand-new humanized running and operational interface for a better operating experience.
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Auto Extraction Unit
Savvygen Extractor

The Savvygen Extractor is a fully automated extraction unit with a high throughput of 48 specimens at one run and 48 extractions in 15 minutes. It uses pre-filled cartridge type of reagent and allows all cartridges to be used simultaneously without any change in hardware and software formats.
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Collection Picker

The EXTEL HEMO-AUTO MC Collection Picker is a dedicated collection device for patient fecal samples that features a hexagonal hole and rubber septum for accurate collection. It collects 2mg of feces into 2 ml of buffer, which protects the hemoglobin in the sample from degradation for up to 120 days when stored at 2-8°C.
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Fecal Occult Blood Testing System

The HM-JACKarc is a fully automated fecal occult blood testing system to measure the amount of hemoglobin present in stool for screening and early detection of colorectal cancer. The compact and light system has a processing speed of 200 samples per hour and a maximum loading capacity of 80 samples (10 samples/rack, 8 racks).
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Tissue Oxygenation Monitor

The NIRO-200NX is a tissue oxygenation monitor that uses near infrared spectroscopy and uses safe, low light to measure the Tissue Oxygenation Index (TOI). It shows the oxygen saturation level, the Normalized Tissue Hemoglobin Index (nTHI), and the percentage change in the amount of initial hemoglobin.
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Whole Slide Scanner
NanoZoomer S360

The NanoZoomer S360 is a whole slide scanner that rapidly scans glass slides to converts them to digital data. Its high throughput of 82 slides per hour for both 20× and 40× mode makes it ideal for use in hospitals and clinical laboratories.
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