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DNA/RNA Extraction System
Genesis S1000

The Genesis S1000 is a fully automated DNA/RNA extraction system with the flexibility of processing 1-12 samples per run, making it tailor-made for small clinics and early stage laboratories. By occupying minimal counter space and greatly reducing technician manhours, this series allows organizations to operate facilities in a much more cost effective fashion.
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PCR System

The FilmArray System offers user-friendly multiplex PCR with incorporated sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis all in one system. The five panels test for viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast and antimicrobial resistance genes, with accurate results in about an hour.
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Digital Trichoscope

The DE330T digital trichoscope is a special purpose digital camera combining high magnification polarizing lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. It streams TRUE 2.0 megapixel resolution live video (at 30fps) to a computer, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos and making it suitable for dermatology clinics, salons, and laboratories.
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Halogen Lamp Assembly
SP2057 BL

The SP2057 BL halogen lamp assembly is meant for use on Tokyo Bokai Biolis 24i, 12i, 50i and other analyzer brands, including Audit, Stanbio, Thermo, Prestige, etc. Featuring a heavy duty stainless steel housing and high quality proprietary bulb with a quartz envelope, it matches the OEM lamp in light output at all wavelengths, is very stable, and has been proven to last 2,000 hours.
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Docking System

The eStation enables healthcare professionals to upload data and print test results from the qLabs ElectroMeter. It provides an easy slide-in docking station for the hand-held device and allows the user to upload and print commands are through the ElectroMeter's touch screen display.
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Laboratory Information System
Merge LIS

The Merge LIS is a scalable clinical laboratory information system that helps increase clinical laboratory efficiency by automating processes from the time of order collection to the time results are reported. The custom-designed solution expedites real-time results distributed to physicians while streamlining daily workflow, lab management and oversight processes for laboratory professionals
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Rapid Warmup & Dry System
LOWTEM Smart 30, 150, 150D

The LOWTEM Smart 30, 150, 150D series of Rapid Warmup and Dry System is designed to overcome humidity-related problems for medical devices by automatically removing residual moisture through enhanced drying performance in the warm up phase. It gets rid of cold points while maintaining the same temperature inside the chamber, making it effective for sterilizing complicated medical devices.
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Workflow Management System

The QUANTA Link is a powerful, easy-to-use workflow management system that gives immediate control of all autoimmune IFA, EIA, and chemiluminescence sample processing. It seamlessly integrates instruments with the user’s laboratory information system (LIS), efficiently controls instrument workflow, and effectively manages test orders and results.
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Protein Analyzer

The PA200 features 50 samples on board capacity, continuous sample loading, and STAT function. A wide test menu is provided including HbA1c, CRP, hs-CRP, RF, D-Dimer, ASO, Cys-C, Anti-CCP, mALB, IgM, IgG, IgA, C3, C4, etc., with a throughput of 180 tests per hour.
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Protein Synthesis & Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The ExiProgen is the world's first fully automated protein synthesis and nucleic acid extraction system and can synthesize and purify up to 16 proteins in a single run. It has more than 900 built-in protocols and allows purification of nucleic acids from various sources including tissue, blood, bacteria, and plant.
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PCR System
Exicycler 96 (Ver.4)

The Exicycler 96 (Ver.4) is a 96-well PCR system for real-time qPCR applications that offers various benefits, such as superior sensitive optics by light polarization, improved thermal block ramp rate, and minimization of Ct variation, among others. It can be used for a wide range of applications such as gene detection, quantification of gene expression, pathogen detection, genotype analysis, and genetic disease detection.
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Auto Bacterial Culture Device
Alfred 60AST

The Alfred 60AST is the first fully automated system that performs bacterial culture, RAA and susceptibility testing by automating the whole process of sample inoculation, reading and result transmission. Using the patented technology based on light scattering, it can detect the presence of bacteria and their drug resistance in a few hours with high sensitivity and specificity.
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FOBT Analyzer
OC-Auto Micro 80

The OC-Auto Micro 80 is an FDA-cleared, fully automated analyzer used for the detection of CRC and uses Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) to screen colorectal cancer. It requires no dietary restrictions and only requires one sample from a single stool specimen, thus improving patient compliance.
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POCT Reader

The RAMP READER is a fully portable, point of care testing solution that delivers fast and accurate applications with an average time to result of ~15 minutes. A fully portable (battery and/or AC power) and lightweight reader allows it to run up to 100 tests on one charge and it can store up to 500 samples, 65 IQC results, and 35 LQC results.
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Molecular Diagnostic System
Callisto System

The Callisto System provides a flexible, highly configurable, modular solution to meet a range of different throughput requirements, providing clinicians with the ability to perform a range of different test types on multiple patient specimens in parallel. Operated by a single controller unit, it can be configured with a single or multiple modules, with each module enabling two tests to be performed simultaneously.
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