Seegene Develops World’s First Multiplex MDx Assays with AI System

By HospiMedica International staff writers

[09 Jan 2018]
Image: Seegene has developed the world’s first molecular diagnostics assays using an artificial intelligence-based automated assay development system (Photo courtesy of Seegene).

Seegene Inc. (Seoul, South Korea), a developer of multiplex PCR technologies, successfully developed molecular diagnostics (MDx) assays in just four days using an artificial intelligence- (AI) based automated assay development system. These assays are high multiplex real-time PCR reagents developed completely by AI and are meant for the simultaneous detection of eight different DNA targets for each of meningitis and sexually transmitted infections.

The Seegene Digitalized Development System (SG-DDS) automates real-time PCR assay development by utilizing big data of causative agents for diseases, Seegene's novel algorithms, and in silico oligonucleotide design with virtual experiments. This significantly reduces the time and labor required for R&D and simplifies the complicated real time PCR assay development processes, thereby allowing even non-professionals to easily develop multiplex MDx assays according to their requirement.

"The performance (sensitivity and specificity) of the assays developed by AI are equivalent to or even better than that of those manually developed," said a spokesperson from Seegene. "Only four days were sufficient by the AI system to successfully develop two 8-plex assays, while more than a year was required by a team of experienced professionals."

"We have already witnessed AI surpassing human intelligence in developing medical devices. Therefore, all molecular diagnostic assays will be developed by AI instead of professional researchers," added Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and Founder of Seegene. "SG-DDS is now the most economical solution to MDx assay development as it saves time and labor, and will ultimately drive down the cost of molecular diagnostic tests, one of the biggest obstacles in MDx market. SG-DDS will lead to standardization of MDx system and promote tailor-made medical treatment."