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Greiner Bio-One Launches New Safety Blood Collection Set

By Labmedica International staff writers
25 Jun 2018

Image: The VACUETTE SAFETY Winged Set (Photo courtesy of Greiner Bio-One).Greiner Bio-One (Kremsmünster, Austria) has made a new addition to its range of safety products and now offers its customers an even wider selection of safety blood collection sets with the launch of the VACUETTE SAFETY Winged Set.

Approximately one-third of all occupational incidents in healthcare involve needlestick injuries. Nurses are particularly at a risk of being infected by blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. The use safety products for taking blood samples lowers the risk of needlestick injuries.

Greiner Bio One develops, manufactures, and supplies specimen collection systems, and products for pharmaceutical substance screening. The company offers pre-analytical products for collecting and processing human samples, including venous and capillary blood collection systems, urine collection systems, blood collection systems for neonates and infants, safety products, accessories, transport lines, disposals, instruments, saliva collection and quantification systems, and others.

In response to the demand for its safety products, Greiner Bio One has expanded its existing range with the launch of the new VACUETTE SAFETY Winged Set. Each of the VACUETTE SAFETY Winged Sets is equipped with a safety mechanism, which offers three different options for activating it immediately after blood collection. The safety mechanism makes a clearly audible click to confirm that the needle is safely and irreversibly locked in the safety shield. In order to provide users with more choice, the safety blood collection set is available both with and without a pre-assembled blood culture holder. Additionally, its transparent product design provides optimal blood flow visibility.

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Greiner Bio-One

The Preanalytics division develops, manufactures and distributes venous blood collection devices for hospitals, laboratories and blood banks. The Bioscience division manufactures products for the biomedical industry, including pipettes, PCR plates, reaction tubes, analyzer cups, and cell separation media
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