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Ampronix Offers One-Stop Solution for Cath Lab Display Monitors

By Medimaging International staff writers
29 Jul 2019

Image: To meet increasing demands, Ampronix offers tailored, one-stop sale, service and repair solutions at a faster and more cost-effective rate than other manufacturers (Photo courtesy of Ampronix).A catheterization laboratory, commonly referred to as cath lab, is a vital piece of diagnostic equipment for hospitals and healthcare facilities. A cath lab is an exam room equipped with diagnostic imaging technology to provide physicians with visual access to chambers and arteries of the heart. In these spaces, a team of physicians perform life-saving procedures, including coronary angiography, catheterization, balloon angioplasty, percutaneous coronary intervention, congenital heart defect closure, stenotic heart valves and pacemaker implantations. A typical cath lab consists of a C-arm, image intensifier, X-ray tubes, and several displays.

Cath lab operations depend completely upon medical displays, which allow physicians to visualize a patient internally and perform the necessary procedure. The digital age has ushered in improved imaging technologies, which emit less radiation and also provide greater visual clarity to physicians. The adoption of CRT monitors in the cath lab brought about significant changes in their operations. CRT displays were followed by the advent of LCD screens. Most hospitals and healthcare facilities upgraded to LCD screens as they are slimmer, portable and offer higher resolution images. Currently, cath labs are witnessing yet another transition in medical monitors, as professionals are upgrading from LED displays to ultra-high definition 4K technology. Instead of using four to six displays, hospitals and healthcare facilities are upgrading to one large UHD 4K display. However, healthcare providers need to consider several variables before deciding upon the kind of upgrades they can make. Additionally, the switch from the LED model to the 4K display system introduces issues related to maintenance and safety.

Ampronix (Irvine, CA, USA), an authorized master distributor of the medical industry's top brands and a manufacturer of innovative technology, has been repairing and selling 4K monitors of different sizes for cath labs and hybrid ORs to hospitals for years. Ampronix undertakes sale, service and repair of cath lab monitors manufactured by several well-known companies such as Philips, GE, Siemens, Shimadzu, Toshiba, Hitachi, Eizo, Barco, Chilin and Optik View. Ampronix offers tailored, one-stop solutions at a faster and more cost effective rate than other manufacturers. The company has most models in stock that are available at half the OEM price.

The company’s services also include preventive maintenance, replacement of LCD, backlights, reflectors and power supplies. Any display failure amounts to an entire cath lab rendered obsolete until a replacement or repair solution is provided. However, the turnaround time for either of those protocols can be several weeks. Given the importance of the cath lab for healthcare providers, Ampronix ensures that they have zero downtime in the event of their monitors requiring service or replacement. The company has a readily available response team of ESD- and ASQ-certified technicians to assist and answer questions for urgent repairs. Nation-wide requests received by 2pm PST receive same-day or next-day delivery. Ampronix also has capable and competent customer service representatives for addressing all medical technology questions and concerns. With its extensive product knowledge, outstanding service, and state-of-the-art repair facility, Ampronix continues to meet the needs of the medical community and move forward with its goal to facilitate optimized patient care and improved physician workflow.

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Ampronix provides imaging solutions to meet your needs offering LCD Displays, CRT Monitors, Dry Film Imagers, Recorders, Printers and Media.
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