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Manufactures reagents and equipments for clinical chemistry and analytical needs
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Manufactures reagents and equipments for clinical chemistry and analytical needs
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Model: Mispa CXL Pro
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Mispa CXL Pro is a compact, fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer with photometric throughput of 180 tests per hour. It has proven HCFG (Holographic Concave Flat Field Grating) rear spectrophotometry which reduces ambient light interferences, and photo-spot technology to reach super micro analysis.

Features Specifications


• Photometric throughput of 180 tests/hour
• Multi-function sample and reagent carousel
• Probe with DLL detection and vertical collision protection
• Proven HCFG Photometry system
• On-board hemolysis function for HbA1c
• Triple Speed mixing mechanism
• Efficient laundry system with 7 stops, 11 steps
• UV Plastic Semi permanent reaction cuvette
• Bubble detection function for accurate aspiration
• Best in class water consumption of 4L/hour
• Advanced user-friendly software
• Calibration & QC program Request Information


System Function

• Description: Fully Automated, discrete, random access clinical chemistry analyzer
• Measuring principle: Spectrophotometry
• Photometric throughput: Up to 180 tests/hour
• Photometric system: HCFG rear spectrophotometry
• Methodology: End point, Fixed time, Kinetic, Single & Dual reagent chemistries
• Mono & Bi chromatic, Linear & non-linear multipoint calibration

Optical System

• Light source: Halogen - Tungsten lamp (12V/20W)
• Monochromator: Grating Photometry (Holographic Concave Flat Field Grating)
• Wavelength: 340nm, 380nm, 405nm, 450nm, 480nm, 505nm, 546nm, 570nm, 600nm, 660nm, 700nm,
• 750 or 800nm
• Linear range: 0 ~ 3.3 Abs
• Detector: Photodiode array

Reagent/Sample Handling

• Reagent/Sample tray: Multi-functional reagent and sample carousel
• Reagent/Sample position: Up to 80 positions
• Sample cuvette specification: Standard cup, original blood tube, multi-specification tube (10~13) x (75~100) mm
• Sample reagent probe: Digital liquid level detection and vertical collision protection
• Sample dilution: Pre & Post dilution facility
• Reagent volume: 10~300 μl
• Sample volume: 2~35 μl
• Dilution vessel: UV plastic semi permanent cuvette
• Reagent bottle volume: 20 & 70 ml

Reaction System

• Reaction cuvette: 56 positions optical plastic cup
• Reaction volume: 100~360 μl
• Reaction temperature: 37±0.1°C
• Reaction disk constant temperature: Thermostat air bath
• Mixing system: Teflon coated stirrer with triple speed mixing mechanism
• Laundry system: Efficient system adopting 7 stops, 11 steps

Operation Unit

• PC operation system: Windows 7 or Windows 10
• PC configuration: CPU > 2.9 Ghz (dual core processor); RAM > 4 GB; Harddisk ≥ 160 GB
• Analysis control: Graphical operating software
• Report printing: Supports user-defined mode, QC and state information etc
• System connection: TCP/IP network connection, standard RJ-45

Calibration & Quality Control

• Calibration method: Linear (One-point, two-point and multi-point), Logit-Log 4P, Logit-Log 5P, Spline,
• Exponential, Polynomial
• Quality control method: Real-time, daily, monthly & QC chart | Visual QC assessment | QC histroy checking, QC error analysis
• Parabola control rules: Westgard multi-rule, L-J chart

Working Conditions

• Power supply: 100~240 VAC | 50/60Hz | Power 600VA
• Ambient temperature: 15°C~25°C
• Relative humidity: 40% ~ 85%
• Atmospheric pressure: 70-106kPa
• Water consumption: 4L/hour
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 744x703x530 mm
• Weight: Approx. 100 kg Request Information

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