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Sales: US$1 Million - US$9 Million
Number of Employees: 20-99
Year of Establishment: 1951
Export Markets Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean, Africa, Central America, South America, North America

Since 1951, Harloff products are proudly manufactured in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we build medical carts and cabinets including the following product categories:

• Crash Carts
• Anesthesia Workstations
• Casting-Splinting Carts
• Isolation/Infection Control Carts
• Treatment Carts
• Narcotic Cabinets

Harloff manufacturing capabilities include metal fabrication, weld, paint, assembly and shipping.

We begin with metal fabrication, where raw material (in the form of sheet steel, aluminum and stainless steel) is cut and punched with a Laser and Turret Punch Press.

After going through the Laser and Punch Press, Harloff parts are further processed through brake presses which bend the material into cabinets, drawer pans, etc.

Next, Harloff parts go through weld where we specialize in MIG, TIG and sport welding. After weld, the components go through the powder coat paint booth.

After paint, there is assembly where drawer slides and casters are mounted, as well as various accessories.

Finally, the finished goods in the form of carts and cabinets are boxed and shipped.

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Country: US United States
City: Colorado Springs
State: CO
Street: 650 Ford Street
Phone: 719-637-0300
Fax: 719-597-8273

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