Mianyang Meike Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Sales: US$1 Million - US$9 Million
Number of Employees: 20-99
Year of Establishment: 1998
Export Markets Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Caribbean, Africa, Central America, South America, North America

Meike Electronic Equipment manufactures Bladder Scanner (bladder volume instruments) - accurate, fast, reliable and portable urological devices. It is our faith to supply customer-focused and reliable equipments for all clinics and hospitals.

Meike dedicates to develop and produce unique, easy-to-use products designed to help medical professionals improve healthcare. And we also support those products through excellent customer service.

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Country: CN China
City: Mianyang
State: sichuan
Street: No.238,chuangye Road, kechuangyuan Zone
Phone: 0086-816-6355073
Mobile: 86-13890454278
Fax: 0086-816-6355070

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